My neighbor called me this evening, with some distressing news. Apparently someone had tacked a doll/poppet on the inside of her garbage shed door. We think it's been there since Fri (3/27) evening.

Bit of a back story. We're both on our homeowner's association board. And both she & I have had issues with them because we've been questioning goings on. We both suspect one of the long-standing board members has been philandering. Also the back of her home faces the street & is poorly lit. My home however faces neighbors' window & has a lot of light.

I'm not very knowledgeable in this type of magick. I'd post a picture, but I'm afraid to take it out of the bag in my home. So let me describe this doll:

- Made of white cloth
- No discernible face on it, nor any eyes/mouth drawn on it
- Heart drawn on it
- Silver pins pricked through the head, the heart, the "stomach" and the back
- Had some yellow coloring on it (she's blondish)
- Appears to have had some blood on it - but washed out
- Two pennies on the chest
- One penny near the trunk
- It was very baggy, with not much of a human-like shape to it
- We have no idea what it's stuffed with

For now, we took it off her door, wrapped tape around it's head - where the 'eyes' would have been. We put it into a black plastic bag and it's in our freezer.

My friend took three pennies held in her right hand, and tossed them away from her home, and I asked her to wash her hands and sage her home for now.

I'd like to help her out here. It's obvious someone has some ill intent toward her. And I am having trouble answering her questions about the reasons for the manner this poppet was constructed & the meanings behind the positioning of the pins & the pennies.

We're not sure what type of magick it is - I don't want to make any assumptions but we think the persons responsible are definitely of Puerto Rican descent simply because this is the one person in our community who has generated so much negativity & the source of so much strife.

All aside, I'd like to know the best way to properly dispose of this thing - And if it is indeed a hex, to remove or break it. And what can be done to protect ourselves against future attempts to hex either of us -- either directly via another poppet or through intent.

May the law of threes fall upon them for their ill intent and purpose.

Blessed be.

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Well if it had nothing on it of the neighbors No hair no Cloth from any old clothes ect I think it's safer to bind and reverse the intent.
I am going to agree that this is probably a mind game. Something to freak you out. I would put it in a mirrored box to lock in what ever working are attached if any. Cleanse the house and property and put up some other protections.
I think a mirrored box would be hard to find. One suggestion that was given to me was to submerge it in spring water & salt - dismantle it, place it back into a black bag and dispose of it in a church dumpster after crossing oneself. I wasn't raised Christian - born Jewish actually

I am getting her an evil eye, have advised her to get a mezuzah and sage the house. I'm pretty sure she will be fine. But better safe than sorry. And yes, I know it was clearly a mind game.
If she is Puerto Rican, this could be an amateurs attempt at Santeria, similar to voo doo, though not really. Along with the payment at the cemetary, the pennies can symbolize the loss of income to the person it is aimed at. Since it was so badly constructed, that tells me she had nothing of personal meaning to attach to it, nor did she fully know how to construct it. That or she was in a huge hurry. The blood being washed out could be the maker's blood, and she thought that washing it away would remove it, and who made it, from the doll, but it did not. She actually marked the doll with her own energy.
Personally, I would take the doll to the police, before putting ammonia on it, since the blood could still contain DNA, and could identify the person who made it. I see it as a personal threat, they might too. I do agree with bringing a picture of it to the meeting, along with an officer who is not a part of the security team being used by the neighborhood. It would instill that this will not be tolerated, even if it is within religious rights, since ill harm is still seen as harming another through threats and intimidation.
Unfortunately she (the targeted person) won't be at the meeting - but I will. And do you think even if it was badly constructed that is is safe to keep it in our freezer for now?

Interesting comment about the pennies. I can see why - because if she was to lose her job she would lose her home and have to move.

But I agree that it was amateurish. In my mind however, if you play with this type of magick and do not know what you are doing, the effect on the person creating the ill intent will not be very good. People should know better than to toy with things they don't understand.

Guess it's time to take out my black salt and sprinkle it around this lady's house to protect us all. Ugh I wish I was more confident in my skills. :(
I do not see harm storing it where you have it, however, turning it over to the police as a hate crime would be a good idea, as this was intended to scare your friend. What should be done, depends on your friend's religion, actually. If she is Christian, a Christian blessing would be more helpful, but there is nothing stating that having a Wiccan also bless the house, is a bad thing. I use kosher salt in my purification and blessing rituals, as it is very close to raw rock salt. I would surround your friend's house with a salt and holy water blessing, making sure not to break the flow of either the salt or the water, so the ring around the house is continuous. Also, blessing the doorways and window sills, giving her a gift of both white and black candles to use as purifications of negative energy, explaining the simplicity of thought and practice behind them. It will mean something to her since your friend is already grateful you are around.
As for the one who did this, do a mirror spell to ward off her intent to anyone in the neighborhood, so that all the neighbors are protected from her ill ways. You are right, those who dabble without truly understanding or knowing what they are doing, can be extremely harmful to those susceptable to intimidation through misunderstandings of magical ways. Psychologically, she can harm anyone in the neighborhood through this intimidation technique, and cause a lot of bad to happen to others, especially if they believe in curses and such. I would offer up treats for the local critters, I use fruit cut open, on the four corners, of the yard your friend owns, as well as your own, while saying a blessing and a thank you for protecting the neighborhood and it's residents from the ill means of this bad woman. When I did this for my own land, those who meant me harm could not enter onto the property beyond the curb without feeling ill and scared. At that time, I had really good reason to protect my family, and it worked wonders!!! My neighborhood squirrels and bunnies were happy, the squirrels would chatter more when those who meant me harm were around, alerting me to their presence, and I surely felt much safer. All magic plays upon the psyche, and these techniques may make your friend feel that much more safer, in knowing that your intent is strong, and you are doing all that you can to protect her. Just my two cents.
Sounds like it was something to scare, and of course it would make you nervous. Although, this time it wasn't made right, as long as nothing personal is on there, next time they might get smart. I'm not sure how I feel about hexes, I have a friend that does Santaria, and they say it's real if done right, but also that as long as you protect yourself properly you're safe. I've heard witch's bottles are super for protection for everyone in the home, just be sure to make one for everyone you need one for, have your friend do the same. I don't know if I would call the police, I'm always worried about the jerk that will think it's crazy. As far as the board, you're the only one that would know how they'd handle it, but after all it was done to you, not you doing it.
It was actually done to another. She called me because she sensed that I would know where to go. We're not sure what's inside of it. It appears to be coins but we haven't deconstructed it. Also we are in FL - we have a huge Puerto Rican community here. But that being said, one of our neighbors works at the county sherrif too and she's going to ask for advice.
LOL and then I'd have animal control on me!
That would truly be a Kodak Moment!!! roflmao
Agreed, thus the reason for talking to an officer and asking questions about hate crimes. Protections on the homes of you and your friend, also needed, but blessings for all the neighbors would be great too. Letting things like this escalate could become dangerous, but protection comes in other than magical forms, and speaking with the police will at least let you know if there are other instances of this happening, and how to protect yourself from their standpoint. They may have complaints lodged by other people against the same woman, and with enough evidence, they may be able to stop her.
The protection of those involved needs to be done, just in case she does find someone who could do this, as FuerzaNdoki says, so putting them in place will help greatly. I am more practical, and have dealt with religious discrimination on a level above this, where my child was the victim, and turned to the proper authorities in order to rectify the situation. (It was his teacher and teacher's aid, and the principal notified her entire staff that intolerance, especially towards religion, in a public school, would not be allowed without someone losing their job, since they were not allowed to force Christianity on my son, and the school dress code did not specify that he was not allowed to wear his religious symbols to school. In fact, he was more than allowed. Being practical, and seeking help, is not a bad thing.)


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