My neighbor called me this evening, with some distressing news. Apparently someone had tacked a doll/poppet on the inside of her garbage shed door. We think it's been there since Fri (3/27) evening.

Bit of a back story. We're both on our homeowner's association board. And both she & I have had issues with them because we've been questioning goings on. We both suspect one of the long-standing board members has been philandering. Also the back of her home faces the street & is poorly lit. My home however faces neighbors' window & has a lot of light.

I'm not very knowledgeable in this type of magick. I'd post a picture, but I'm afraid to take it out of the bag in my home. So let me describe this doll:

- Made of white cloth
- No discernible face on it, nor any eyes/mouth drawn on it
- Heart drawn on it
- Silver pins pricked through the head, the heart, the "stomach" and the back
- Had some yellow coloring on it (she's blondish)
- Appears to have had some blood on it - but washed out
- Two pennies on the chest
- One penny near the trunk
- It was very baggy, with not much of a human-like shape to it
- We have no idea what it's stuffed with

For now, we took it off her door, wrapped tape around it's head - where the 'eyes' would have been. We put it into a black plastic bag and it's in our freezer.

My friend took three pennies held in her right hand, and tossed them away from her home, and I asked her to wash her hands and sage her home for now.

I'd like to help her out here. It's obvious someone has some ill intent toward her. And I am having trouble answering her questions about the reasons for the manner this poppet was constructed & the meanings behind the positioning of the pins & the pennies.

We're not sure what type of magick it is - I don't want to make any assumptions but we think the persons responsible are definitely of Puerto Rican descent simply because this is the one person in our community who has generated so much negativity & the source of so much strife.

All aside, I'd like to know the best way to properly dispose of this thing - And if it is indeed a hex, to remove or break it. And what can be done to protect ourselves against future attempts to hex either of us -- either directly via another poppet or through intent.

May the law of threes fall upon them for their ill intent and purpose.

Blessed be.

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Do an "add to friends" and write your help request in the provided space there. I am sure she will answer. If you can't get through pm me.
I have to agree with Seachain -- A poppet doesn't have to be a mirror image of the person, to work on that person. A crude shape is all it takes, as long as the poppet is attuned to the person.

Thank you for the Mambo LaReina reference.. I will totally check that out.
I'll enquire. As said before - it wasn't directed specifically at me. It was tacked on my friend's garbage shed door. My friend knows about my ways - they don't. They all think I'm a practicing Jew.

Mirror magic - I really am too novice to understand all the in's and out's.
SIN - Per my original post, the Poppet WAS NOT directed at me. I am NOT giving it power. This is a form of magick that I am NOT acquainted with.

So where else am I supposed to find a resolution?

And for the record, we are NOT paranoid. We just want to be respectful of the forces at work here.
Sweetie, believing or not believing has absolutely no importance/effect on the potency of a spell. It's like saying "Radioactivity cannot affect me because I don't believe in it".
thank you that's exactly the point.
That is how we see it in my tradition as well. Besides, most of the time people affected by a spell will have the tendency to be in denial, especially using the "I don't believe in this crap, it cannot touch me". This in itself is a contradiction in terms, because the phrase actually acquiesces the existence of "the crap", the rest is just under-estimating the adversary and over-estimating yourself.
What has psychology have to do with anything that I said? The parallel was between witchcraft and radioactivity. Both are a form of energy. If you believe in them or not, that doesn't mean they will affect you or not depending on your belief. Psychology, in this case, is null.
Well, SIN, what can I say? I'm afraid I have to tell you too to try and think outside of the box of the US commercial-witchcraft fence.

Trust me, the "seed" grows whether you know it's there or not. In this case, the only mistake the person who has done the poppet did was to put the poppet where it was easy to find.

On the other hand, if all your explanation for witchcraft effects are related to psychological effect and psychology being a crucial part of witchcraft, then, I am sorry, but I start doubting your affirmation that you are a witch. You might try saying that you are a gifted mind-manipulator, a hypnotist, etc, but real witchcraft has barely anything to do with psychology.

Only the wannabe witch comes out and says "I just hexed you". The one with experience never starts trumpeting what she did. You never know anything was done, you only feel the effects. If you're versed in witchcraft, you might be able to recognize them. If you're not, you have no idea what hit you.
Anyway, you should have known by now that I don't use witchcraft for trivial purposes and for trifles. I didn't spend over 30 years of learning it in order to "prove" something to you on an online forum in order to get the spotlight.

I could say QED, SIN. You're great in intellectual discussions, though. :-)
And what does that have to do with poppet magic? Or any other type of sympathetic magic? Or are you trying to say that it doesn't work for you if the target doesn't know? Hmmm....


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