My neighbor called me this evening, with some distressing news. Apparently someone had tacked a doll/poppet on the inside of her garbage shed door. We think it's been there since Fri (3/27) evening.

Bit of a back story. We're both on our homeowner's association board. And both she & I have had issues with them because we've been questioning goings on. We both suspect one of the long-standing board members has been philandering. Also the back of her home faces the street & is poorly lit. My home however faces neighbors' window & has a lot of light.

I'm not very knowledgeable in this type of magick. I'd post a picture, but I'm afraid to take it out of the bag in my home. So let me describe this doll:

- Made of white cloth
- No discernible face on it, nor any eyes/mouth drawn on it
- Heart drawn on it
- Silver pins pricked through the head, the heart, the "stomach" and the back
- Had some yellow coloring on it (she's blondish)
- Appears to have had some blood on it - but washed out
- Two pennies on the chest
- One penny near the trunk
- It was very baggy, with not much of a human-like shape to it
- We have no idea what it's stuffed with

For now, we took it off her door, wrapped tape around it's head - where the 'eyes' would have been. We put it into a black plastic bag and it's in our freezer.

My friend took three pennies held in her right hand, and tossed them away from her home, and I asked her to wash her hands and sage her home for now.

I'd like to help her out here. It's obvious someone has some ill intent toward her. And I am having trouble answering her questions about the reasons for the manner this poppet was constructed & the meanings behind the positioning of the pins & the pennies.

We're not sure what type of magick it is - I don't want to make any assumptions but we think the persons responsible are definitely of Puerto Rican descent simply because this is the one person in our community who has generated so much negativity & the source of so much strife.

All aside, I'd like to know the best way to properly dispose of this thing - And if it is indeed a hex, to remove or break it. And what can be done to protect ourselves against future attempts to hex either of us -- either directly via another poppet or through intent.

May the law of threes fall upon them for their ill intent and purpose.

Blessed be.

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You blinded it, bound it, and froze it's power I think you both are pretty safe. My brother uses poppets a lot The pins and blood are supposed to cause you pain and physical injuries the pennies are supposed to cause you poverty, The baggy shape is just a nasty insult. You handled it I think. You bound it Froze it and Blinded it. If your neighbor needs more reassurance, There's a great candle spell I have for reversal of hexxes.
You need a black pillar candle, a knife, Black thread, matches, Packing tape the poppet, a jar big enough for the poppet and a bag of rock salt or sea salt.
What to do:
with a sharp pointed knife or athame you carve in a line like an arrow on the candle and instead of a point draw three diagonal lines Like an arrow with a feather shaft on each end Then Repeat the couplet:" All attacks whether magickal or psycological will be returned upon the sender."
As you bind the poppet with the black thread seven times and put it in the jar Put Salt beneath the poppet and salt on top of the poppet Bury the jar and the black candle in the place where it can send the reversal out and put this nasty spell back on the people or person who sent it on you.
Not really but at the time I wrote it probably. I have gained some in learning since then magick is the power of mind and spirit. This person's attack is purely mental. It is the spell as I wrote it at the time, and it still works. My riding instructor always said "WHAT EVER WORKS." That simple candle magick reversal spell works. Elements are
Salt, a big jar, Black thread, a black candle a knife and matches Nothing grand but it always works. I never questioned anything about the wording or the elements. I have found Poppets in my truch after trips to the feed store at my other job at the inn. and even in my house before I got the alarm system installed. these erere made to do real magickal harm to me Bryan isn't a slouch when it comes to hexxes. But be that as it may I cast the reversal as I wrote it and it worked.
thanks to all who helped with their advice. i think we have the situation under control. :)
i agree with Holly.
Toss it out and have a good laugh, that is the lowest piece of mental harassment possible, basically whoever sent it knew you might get worried by it, any good sorcerer worth his salt doesn't need to result to something that low. The beast to you. Joe
Absolutely. Valid for weather magic, for example too, right?
I would wash it or soak it thoroughly in salt water, and then (if it were directed at me), place it on the altar with a plea to the Gods for justice.

Perhaps the lady this was targeted at can pray to JHVH for justice.

BUT: when praying for justice it is very important to (a) not try to specify or control the form that justice takes, and (b) be very sure that the petitioner's behavior has in no way contributed to the situation, because if you ask for Justice of the Gods, blind, impartial, ruthlessly fair Justice is what you (and all involved) receive.

If you don't want to involve the Gods, the salt & black candle thing that Caspian suggested should work just fine.
hmm... try not to just say "they dont know what they're doing" when they dont follow -your- rules. Even an expert in -european- poppet magick may have no idea what can be done in -other traditions- that use ritually created simulacra or other forms of doll magic. Cleansing an area is never a bad idea, but dismissing something as powerless since it doesnt fit in with YOUR worldview is like trying to say a nuclear warhead is powerless because you dont know how to make one.

Wishing that "the power of three" falls on someone's head is also a little odd, frankly... since only a few traditions out of all of them believe in such limitations. Im not saying Im siding with nasty people here, but I humbly ask that people try to look at other traditions -as- other traditions that dont necessarily have the same guiding rules as yours.... I'd ask first to really really REALLY examine all aspects of your friend's involvement in your housing board as well as the community as a whole to find out what might have pissed someone off... maybe going to someone who knows nothing about the situation for a reading would be a good idea; guarantees they're not colored by what information you've given us and can really give you some unbiased insight.

To flip the psychology of the situation around, there's a pretty easy idea... but about 5 or 6 bottles of a cheap perfume called Florida Water. Its usually around 3 or 4 bucks a bottle, but has a VERY distinctive scent that's very heavily used in cleansing rites. Dump it all around the outside of your friends' property... maybe yours, too. The scent itself is great (hell, I use it all the time for washing my floors ;-) but it will also send a very strong signal that the place is being watched and the workings are being neutralized. It gives the image of your friend being in a position of strength instead of one of weakness. Maybe even bless a few handfulls of glitter and spread them around the property borders... again, your blessing will help, but so will the sight of some sparkly glitter.

A few people started arguing about real witches not using psychological tricks... which I gotta pipe in on. You might not; but if you try to say Wiccans do not, you're talking about a practice which is not provably older than the 1950's. Plain and simple. Witches have been around a whole lot longer than that, and not all Witches appreciate being called Wiccans. Some traditions have very active psychological bases including death spells that are nothing more than a fist full of dust tossed in someone's face; its still effective, but its effective because of the cultural framework in which it works. Trying to say that it isnt real places you on the same footing that people who say your spells arent real stand on; shaky ground. All of us should bear in mind that we are magickal workers; succumbing to kneejerk reactions is NEVER wise; acting appropriately to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and clean is a different matter, and works best while carried out with a cool head.

I would say have your friend add a few more of -their- chosen holy symbols to the area (it'll help them feel stronger and feel blessed, which in itself -is- a psychological trick but its a damned good one), do the florida water/glitter thing (its an awesome scent thats a blend of cinnamon/orange/bergamot, and is characteristic to almost all caribbean traditions... they'll get the hint) and WARD THAT AREA... dont bother with bindings, just do everything to keep the area blessed and keep all forms of harm from coming in. ;-)
BS. sorry.
Psychologically once the idea is there- it's there. If you believe it's just a psychological attack- that's fine- but psychologically speaking, if you tell your mind NOT to think of something- that's the very thing it will focus on.

Don't think about a pink elephant.... ;)

The best way to deal with it IMO is to recognize ones power over it- and reinforce their feelings of safety and security. (Focus the mind on being safe, sound and secure- and keep the minds focus THERE.) MHO. If one is going to think about the poppet itself- think of it as nothing more than a scrap of fabric- the craft project of a very bored individual.
Yes- and this could be said to be what is occurring when one does magic to "remove a hex"- it is essentially doing a bunch of dramatic and creatively inspired actions to recondition the subconscious to accept that the influence is removed. This is why I see little difference in many cases between "magic" and "psychology". Depending on the day anyway :)
Isn't intent imbued with your own psychology and how you perceive that intent?


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