Urotsukidoji and other adult anime that explores the occult and beyond.

I was recently thinking back to when I watched Urotsukidoji a few years and was amazed by some of its occult themes. Other realms, destroyer gods, gods of creation, sex magic amongst other themes. Granted it is mostly a hentai-feature. Nonetheless, what are other peoples opinions on this and of occult/demonic depictions in other adult anime?

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I wanna watch that anime though. Where do you go to watch it?

Buying it is the best route. There are various edits too, so you can tailor the viewing abit, apart from buying there are nefarious means....not recommended. lol

hahah oh geesh, thank you!

Although this is more of a teen anime than an adult one, Ghost Hunt was a pretty cool one. It focused more on aspects of hauntings (duh) but it explored other themes, like curses.

I watch teen anime.  Demonic anime I've seen are Blue Exorcist, Devils and Realist, Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji <3),  D Gray Man,  Inuyasha, The World Only God Knows.  Damn, ironically, out of all the demonic anime I've seen, I honestly can't think of anymore.  I can think of anime with demons in it like Natsume's Book of Friends, well, yokai.  But I can't really think of anymore demon focused.  Fate/Zero and Fate Stay Night doesn't focus on demons, but it has a lot to do with the occult.  Even making pacts with spirits. 

Watch the monogatari series. It's entirely about occult things.

I  was going to mention Bible Black too.....but that might have made me look really weird!!


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