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This looks like a wonderful website. Thank you so much for sharing this! Hugs to you my friend. Starrfire
I Find that the more diverse perspectives that I can immerse into my consciousness, the better I can understand.

Became a sort of librarian about a year or two ago....there is a wealth of teachings available on the internet,

the greatest difficulty Is to actually "know" what you are seeking!..

Strangely ..from an occult angle anyway "things" have a way of falling into place.

The Kybalion says ..that anyone who is reading it is doing so because It came to them rather than them to it

when the student is ready the master appears.

Bearing in mind that the master Usually ..is not in a human form,
and therefore most people Miss the opportunity.
You do leave the most deLightful crumbs dear brother... They have the most uncanny fortune of becoming gems...
Love and blessings Lara..
Thank you, I bookmarked it too.


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