I have a baby who is almost 2 months old (she was born Feb 1st 2014) I also have a 7 yr old. I listened to the drs about vaccinations on my first daughter. However, I have heard there are vaccines that can be delayed, some that are unnecessary and can be avoided. I also heard some vaccines pose a risk of autism. My first daughter has been diagnosed as ADHD. I'm not sure if this is related, but it might be?

Being that my baby is almost 2 months, she is due for her next set of needles. My mom told me they used to wait until 3 months for this set. 

I was hoping for some of you to enlighten me in the types of vaccines and options available....

also, what did you all do for vaccinations? Did you avoid or delay any? if so, which ones and why?

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I'm not anti-vaccinations, but I do want to research all sides of the matter. I do plan to get my youngest her shots, even if they are slightly delayed...

I'm not anti-vaccinations, but I do want to research all sides of the matter. I do plan to get my youngest her shots, even if they are slightly delayed...

There is no "side" to vaccinations Ms. Pouncer.  They are literally lifesavers.  Period.  DO talk to your doctor about your questions and concerns.

I plan to do that as well ;)

I was more curious to get answers as to why some delay vaccines... why did they lower the ages they give shots?

i figured  there would be alot  of sheeple  jump on this  one.  meh..i said my piece.  the  OP  can take the  info or  not.  it's a choice each parent needs to make for themselves, i just  hope she  doesn't  make  it blindly. 


Hey Ms. Pouncer, yipee a baby girl, what did you name her? So happy for you!

My kids are older and the vaccination schedule was different back then.3,6,9,12, 18 months.

But I have grandbabies that are of that age. My middle one is like you, she was worried about them giving them so early at the local health dept. and the schools told her that she had to stick to that schedule or there would be problems when they become of school age. So she asked her dr. (which by the way I love, he's awesome) and he said that was BS from the school and if your not going to take your child out all over the town or out of the country she could put off the first round up until they were six months. But even one trip to the store could be enough to be exposed to something and it was really her choice.  But once she started the boasters had to be given on time to be effective. He said that it actually took only two boasters on some to be effective but they do three because some kids didn't always build enough immunities and they decided it was best to go with three just to be safe and there were no side effects. She hibernated in her house with the first one until she was five months and she didn't even run a fever. But the second one who is five years younger than the first she started his at three months because the oldest one started school and she was worried she would bring home something, he was fussy and had a slight fever with his.

I suggest you talk to your dr and the dr. nurses. The Dr. maybe to busy to give as much detail as you would like but the nurses can always find time. Write out your questions so you don't forget any of them okay.

Now about problems from having the shots, I really haven't heard of anything that has been verified by research, but I can tell you about what happens if your not vaccinated from personal experience. Because of my auto immune diseases I didn't finish my series when I was a kid. I had the mumps and at the time did very well, but that has caused me to have issues with my parotid glands, which are salivary glands that go from in front of my ears across to almost my nose and on occasion they will swell really fast and really large, very uncomfortable and I look like the elephant mans mommy for a couple of days until my system rights it's self. I have also had shingles, now that is one incredibly painful disease and they said it was because I had chicken pox. I have also had a mild case of tetanus,the dr's caught it way early but it was still very uncomfortable and I still have muscle cramps because of the toxin damage. I also had measles as a kid and was in hospital over them, of course my auto immune disease caused it to be worse, but I remember the staff talking about healthy kids reacting the way I did that hadn't had the shot.

I personally would of loved to have had the shots and a sore spot and a slight fever for a day or two instead those things.

It's your choice Ms. P. check with your dr. and nurses and find out all you can before you decide. If your not completely comfortable about it, research and until you are. Don't need you fussying over it when you should be enjoying that baby girl. A baby girl, I'm so happy for you! ooo I love the babies...lol.

Hey Kixs! Thank you. We named her Arkadia Khaleesi. I plan to vaccinate, and was considering delaying them as per the older schedule. I just thought it would be nice to get more opinions on it first.

You said your daughter waited until her first was 5months (hibernating though lol) but got her second childs at 3 months. Did it make a difference in reaction to the vaccine as far as a couple months goes?

Rose:  A balanced diet would not (and did not) protect anyone from polio or small pox. Vaccines do work. It's not like we don't know this. 

Exactly.  I'm sure quite a few people back in earlier centuries had fresh water, clean air, organic foods and still died in the millions from disease such as polio and smallpox.

My great grandmother lost 2 out of 3 children to the 1918 flu epidemic. I 'm sure she would have loved to have had a flu vaccine back then.

I personally don't believe in vaccines.

You don't have to 'believe' in them.  They work whether you believe in them or not.

I believe they do more harm than good

When was the last time you or anyone you knew had smallpox?  When was the last time you or anyone you knew had polio?

Vaccines have been proved quite concisely since the 19th century that they save lives.

My grandmother used to tell me about the times in the summer, cities and towns used to shut down public pools and movie theaters to try to keep children form congregating and catching polio.

If you don't believe your own surroundings, please read some history about smallpox and maybe that will convince you.

and unless your a biologist you really have no way of knowing whats in them

You can look online and find out what is in them.  They list ingredients.

or what effect it will have on their body.

There are always exceptions, but with a fully tested drug or vaccine, chances are pretty good you will react well.  If you don't?  Stop taking it.  Simple enough.

I can neither confirm nor deny that vaccines can be linked to autism

You don't have to.  Science has already proven beyond any reasonable doubt that there is NO link.

but I do however believe that a balanced diet and good exercise do much more than vaccines ever will for a child.  I never had any growing up and am completely healthy and less prone to sickness than a lot of other people i know who have had all of them.

Herd immunity.  The people around you were protecting you.    

My children have not had any either, and both will be home schooled. Do your research and not just American based studies either because they are often times ran by corporations that make money off of these vaccines.

Conspiracy nonsense.

If you didn't read any earlier posts, tens of thousands of children have been studied in the US, Japan, western Europe, Poland, by their governments and organizations.  None have ties to vaccine producers and they come up with the same answer.  Vaccines work.  Been proven to work for over 100 years.

When was the last time you or anyone you knew had smallpox?  When was the last time you or anyone you knew had polio?

And therein lies the problem. Vaccines have been so successful, that people have become complacent. Most of us haven't been touched by a huge epidemic in our lifetimes. This sheeple crap would die hard if we suddenly were in one. 

I really don't understand why people are allowed to opt out of vaccines. Honestly, I feel that their freedom to make stupid decisions should end when it starts affecting the health of others...including their own children.  

Complacency.  Agree 100%.

Medical science has proven TOO successful.

People think our healthy environment is 'natural'.

Memories of high mortality rates of children and pregnant women and elderly people have passed out of population memory.  People have forgotten how easy it is to die from disease. 

I work at a hospital.  Guess when we get our flu shots?  In October.  Early October.  By the height of the flu season, January, the staff is completely healthy, but our halls are full of people so badly ill with the flu that they need to be checked out.

The majority of these people didn't bother with flu shots.  Why, I don't know.  Probably listening to conspiracy theories and getting their education off Youtube.

In my town alone this last flu season, a pregnant woman, a man and several children died of the flu.

These conspiracy fans would probably be the first at the hospital doors when the fevers started jacking up or the seriousness of disease finally hit them.

No way they would stay home and try to recover 'naturally'.

Everyone should watch that hospital footage of that poor little baby with pertussis. The little baby is coughing and coughing and coughing and there is nothing the doctors can do for her.  There are only 2 'natural cures' for the baby at that point.  Recovery or death. 

That's so sad. It must be even more insufferable for you as a health care professional to deal with people spreading this nonsense. You're one of the people on the front lines, dealing with the fallout. 

You tell them and tell them and tell them, put proof in front of their faces and they still ignore it.  Look on this thread alone.  Probably 2 people here will ignore all the facts and studies posted and keep on believing their wrong ideas.  Extrapolate those numbers and you have millions who think vaccines are a conspiracy  - they can't ever tell you what this conspiracy is supposed to accomplish -  or poison.

There are people literally paying like $25,000/year to put their kids in private schools where no vaccines are required. What...the...fuck. 

What?!?  Are you shitting me?

Unbelievable Rose.  Just like Spooky said.  An exercise in stupidity.

Too many Disneyland treehuggers who think nature is benign.

I'm a treehugger, but I'm a realistic one.

Word to the wise, Nature doesn't care.  It will kill you as soon as look at you.

I went to look at that video of the pertussis baby.  It's 2 minutes long and I couldn't even watch the whole thing it got me so worked up and stressed.  I can't imagine what the mother was going through hour after hour after hour.

Serious Rose.  You try to help people and they call you names.

I guess in this current era of stupid, anti-science, pseudoscience beliefs, people will just have to start dying for others to wake up to reason.

Life is really precarious.

Does anyone else know the story of that 16 year old son of President Coolidge who got a blister playing tennis one summer day?  The blister got infected and he died of septicemia a week later.  Without medical science advancements, that's how easy it was to die.

I have a cousin who believes this crap about vaccines causing autism. I'm glad I don't see her much. I don't think my eyes could take the amount of rolling they would have to do.


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