I have a baby who is almost 2 months old (she was born Feb 1st 2014) I also have a 7 yr old. I listened to the drs about vaccinations on my first daughter. However, I have heard there are vaccines that can be delayed, some that are unnecessary and can be avoided. I also heard some vaccines pose a risk of autism. My first daughter has been diagnosed as ADHD. I'm not sure if this is related, but it might be?

Being that my baby is almost 2 months, she is due for her next set of needles. My mom told me they used to wait until 3 months for this set. 

I was hoping for some of you to enlighten me in the types of vaccines and options available....

also, what did you all do for vaccinations? Did you avoid or delay any? if so, which ones and why?

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I watched my Mother from late 60`s to 3 years ago, roll up her sleeve every fall/autumn, and have this-and watched her dementia and altzheimers develop over the years until she now has to be in a care home for her own safety-a claim made by our Dr friend as being a side product of the Mercury in Flu.

Alzheimers tends to run in families as does senile dementia.  Of all the relatives in my family who died of cancer and thus took the flu shot every year for protection for years, none of them had Alzheimers or dementia.  They were old, not as sharp as they used to be, but they were not diagnosed with either dementia or Alzheimers.

So if it's in your family, it would hard to know if your mother would have gotten it anyway, with or without the flu shot with mercury.

Got Mumps?  Thank the people who didn't get the vaccine.


Nature never intended for us to talk with electronic devices to people hundreds of miles away, but we're doing that anyway.

Vaccinations eliminate disease. We're artificially strengthening our immune systems, yes. But it works. I am not going to buy into the "first hand experience with many families around the world." Because its not scientific. Families aren't going to consider all the factors involved. They don't understand basic things (like autism being something that people are born with). They're not verified or reviewed, they just take their story to the media, who blows it up in an attempt to get ratings and page views so they can sell ad space

And there is no upswing in ADHD and juvenile cancer and autism.

Children used to die left and right. Look at at child mortality rates going back thousands of years. We just have a name for it now. People think that just because something is better documented that there is somehow more of it than before. But that's stupid bullshit. The only difference between now and then is that now we have names for these things and an Internet full of numbers .

You might have a point about diabetes, but I don't think vaccinations have anything to do with that.

Consider that before civilization as we know it took hold, people got plenty of exercise and ate organic food (because that's all there was). And you know what? The average lifespan was ridiculously short. Some of the numbers are affected by just how high child mortality was (that's where estimates of 12 come from). Otherwise you'd be lucky to get to forty. Does that sound somehow healthier than a world where people live to 60 and 70 years old despite eating stupid crap all the time? Do you understand how that is possible?

"By eating organic food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle we build up our immune system to beat these diseases naturally"

Not true. These diseases killed our ancestors by the millions, and our ancestors ate organic food. They also got plenty of excersize. None of that made them immune to infectious disease. They had plagues that killed entire towns, and often. I mentioned the Black Death, which killed one third of the population from China to Iceland in the fourteenth century. In many places, the death rate reached 50%. No Twinkies and Pepsi back then.

"Kids who were perfectly healthy and then completely fall off after the vaccines."
You are using post-hoc reasoning, and it's a logical fallacy.

To the OP: Discuss any concerns with your child's doctor, and inform yourself. Please do not listen to the ambulance-chasers, scare-mongers and Playboy bunnies telling you that vaccinations cause autism. Your child's life, and other lives as well, are at stake.

Autism occurs in the womb.

Vaccinate your children. I still can't believe this stupid hysteria is a thing.

The Anti-Vaccine Body Count

Also check out this article from Popular Science.

Your "patriot nurse" does not convince me.  The mercury-containing preservatives she talks about have been phased out, with no concurrent decrease in autism, allergies or anything else she attributes to vaccines.

If she thinks breast milk will confer immunity to all diseases, she is daft.  Throughout most of history, infants were breast-fed, and that did not confer immunity to diseases like measles, mumps or whooping cough.  Go to any historic cemetery and you will find a heartbreaking number of graves for children who did not live to their fifth birthday, or even their first.  That is the world the anti-vaxxers want to bring back.  Yes, breast-feeding does support the baby's immune system, and babies should be breast-fed.  They should also be vaccinated.

i'm  just making sure the other side is heard from cause  man there are some rabid folks  about this.  i chose  not to vaccinate my kids  once i found  out the harm it can potentially cause. i wanted the  OP to have a  bit  more  info than what being spoon fed to the  public.  thats all. what other folks choose  to do for their family  is  more  n fine by me, as  long as they  get the clue that what  i choose to do or not  do for my family is  my  biz and  it really matter's naught what  others say.

   i'm rather surprised so many  Pagans are  into this  whole vaccination gig.  really surprised.  *shrug* each to their own. 

as  with anything  i say, please research it  for yourself, do NOT simply take my word for it!  do your  own leg work! draw your  own conclusions! :d


once i found  out the harm it can potentially cause.

All of which has been debunked, but you just don't want to admit it.  It's really disingenuous Azriel to put your children and people around you at risk of their health and maybe their lives because your pride won't allow you to admit you're wrong.

i wanted the  OP to have a  bit  more  info than what being spoon fed to the  public.  thats all.

It's not being spoonfed.  They're facts.  Vaccines have an excellent track record of success.  The same can't be said for YOUR path.

So you're just spreading disinformation.  What you want the OP to know is something that actually hurts children and other people.  You're doing her and your own children and the people around you a disservice.


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