I have been called upon to strengthen my connection to water, for reasons I will keep to myself for now (though I am sure someday it will make it's way here), and I know what that looks like for me. But I am curious, what would it look like for you? Maybe we can learn from each other and broaden our understanding.

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Sorry , Laura , for me it does not work that way...

You hold back information , so do I...

If , and when you choose to be forthright , honest , and open ,

I shall share methods I know to do what you inquire about...

Best to you in your process , and in the meantime...

Let me know when you are ready...;)

Well Laura I have no problem being open to discuss my connection with water. I am a scorpio (a water sign) So I find my connection with water very high. I also personally have made the realization that water is a universal lubricant and conductor. And when I say lubricant i dont mean sexually obviously..lol.. I mean for ritualistic reasons. I would refer for example to a scene in the movie "Constantine" where a ritual is in use for Constantine to astral travel or project into "Hell" to find out if a certain soul is there. In the scene a bucket of water is used to put his feet into to help unground him and lubricate his body or essence to travel to the other side. Or for example in the movie "Stargate" the substance that appears in the stargate once its activated is water and again acts as a lubricant for the body and essence to travel hyperspace distances without the body being "burnt up" so to speak. I mean also I imagine this is why water is used for "holy" purposes such as holy water blessings and baptism. But personally I use water for martial arts purposes. Just as (who?) replied here earlier as use in waterfalls, rivers,streams etc for meditative purposes and self reflection I similarly use it for meditation and also like to train under running waterfalls-Taichi, kickboxing,and energy work with Ki, and I find it helps me alot. Im not sure if its because im a water sign or just because the human spirit has a great connection to water in general. I mean think about it we float around in a water like substance for 9 months before being born, and again I feel like it acts as a lubricant to the essence of our being while the soul becomes comfortable while the body is growing in the womb. But anyway Ive veered away from topic a bit, but yeah I mean water just has so many uses in spirituality. I hope this helps you with whatever it is you are seeking. Id love to talk more about this in depth if you wish. Many blessings to you! 

I really have no problem sharing info...far from it...

Over my *many* years here , I have shared volumes

of very deep , and often normally kept secret information...

I was raised , however , and taught by elders since , that if

one wants others to be open to give them information , they

do not hold back with their information...

Let alone , with the ones I work with in the Faery Realm , that

is considered a form of rudeness...so that is why I stated as I did...

However , let us address your post , Child O' Pantheon...

I do understand your position and point with water , as you know it...

I have showed you before some of the code I have stated we and the

universe are wired with , and spoken about it in a number of threads ,

over my years here...so , given that :


Now , this is the "Ashbash" version of the

Runes which compare to the Obri / Hebrew

twenty two letter system


( double eleven columns )


First , let me take the four corner Runes

which equal



Wired = 451

Web Of Weyyrd = 450

Abyss = 451


( among many , many things )


Yet The Top Two Runes Alone Equal


which equals


Water = 401

Light Body = 401


So On This Level Water Is A Substance Which

Is Utilized To Access One Of Our Bodies Or Layers


( The Four Elemental Pairs In These Columns Equal Dreaming Body )



( our eleven dimensional tree )


Now The Bottom Two Runes

Are The Runes For Fire And Water

Yet As Well Particle And Wave


And As The Rune For Fire Can Mean Light

We Have Light Waves


Something Else To Point Out


I Knew The Man Who Advised Them On Stargate

*And That Was Not Water*

However :

Astral = 310

Fluid = 90

= 400

( Charge *can* equal one as a value in the Code )

Therefore :


Charged Astral Fluid = 401


Now If We Consider The Implications

Of Light Waves And Water

( Or Charged Astral Fluid )

We May See Why Water Was Used In Ritual


To = 61

Conduct = 179

Field = 161

= 401


Now If We Now Bring In Another Level


These Two Columns Can Have A Ninth Level Added To Each Column

Which Can Mean Ice Among Many Meanings



Symbolically That May Be Seen

( Has Been / Still Is )


As The Number Ninety Nine

( 99 )


If One Considers The Di - Electric Value Of Water

And It's Atomic Weight


Di - Electric Value = 81 ( 9 x 9 )

Molecular Weight = 18 ( 9 + 9 )


81 + 18 = 99


Weyyrd = 99


And As :


Living = 18

Gods = 81


That Pretty Much Sums Up The Human

Brought Forth After Nine Months In The Womb


We Are Gods With Amnesia = 995

Forget = 402

( Water = 401 / Light Body = 401 )


By The Way As A Martial Artist You Might Find Interesting


First The Column Of Eight On The Right

Deals With Tiger


The Column On Left

Deals With The Dragons


And One Of My Students Attained The Highest Level Of Shaolin Wushu

training while he was studying with me


As This Would Take Us Off Subject Perhaps We Can Discuss

The Code And The Secrets Of The Martial Arts Hidden Within It One Day

In Another Thread


To Finish With This However

As I Shall Bring It To The Applicable

In The Craft


I Am = 21

Spell = 240

Moving = 93

Like = 113

Water = 401

Between = 62

Worlds = 564

= 1494


( see value for double eleven columns )


Just a smidgen of my information about Water


For sure shawn! Im definitely still very interested in learning about the form of numeric symbology you work with, or Im not exactly sure what you call it or its titled but regardless its very interesting. Now yes Im sure the exact liquid inside the stargate may not of been H2O per se but close enough, its representation of exactly what I was saying as a lubricant to help travel from point A to Point B. Now Im not too sure on the concepts of the physics used in the movie but as for the Egyptology parts Im well knowledgeable in , I studied under Dr. Stuart Smith at the University of Santa Barbara who was the primary Egyptian reference for The movies Stargate,The Mummy, and The Mummy Returns and ive had years of conversation with the gentlemen, and gosh can I say that man is interesting! But when we always talked about the movie we just always said "water" but yeah "astral fluid" definitely makes more sense! But yeah man, Ive really got to find some time to study the numerology you use! I really want to get with you soon to learn more!

And I can see how charging water could even create difference at an atomic level just as every snowflake has a charged vibration from the atmosphere and the electro currents within which creates a unique shape and geometry for each and every snowflake. Just as Monatomic elements such as Monatomic Gold, Colloidal Silver, & Magnascent Iodine differ by charge of the electrons from the original element! So too Astral Fluid could be a good nickname for Hydroelectric Fluid!

When there are logs / boulders , in a healthy body

of water , moving in natural serpentine fashion , then

those objects create backspin vortices in the water , charging it...

It is also found under falling water , and if one studies , then

one finds , as rain falls , it spins , and the spin creates charge...

Same with a waterfall...this is also why you feel what you do

behind the veil of the waterfall , as the air itself is charged...;)

One might benefit reading "Living Water" and "Living Energies"...


Forgot to mention another place of charged water ,

but now we are dealing with sodium ions...;)


There are many different ways of connecting with water. For example You could connect with the undines (Water Spirits) in many ways. There are prayers and Rituals for this in Trancendental Magic by Eliaphas Levi  And in the Aurum Solas Material.

On the other hand there are many different sources on the subtle forces in water.

My preference is to work with the Undines and cross check the results with various methods of testing such as those in the book Sensitive Chaos or in the method of Emoto with Ice Crystals. 

I have recently begun doing the same. I have started saying prayers in the water, studying water creatures, leaving offerings for them and using my water tarot deck a lot more.

The importance that I see in the ice crystallization, Sensitive Crystallisation and similar methods is as a method of cross-checking our intuitive response. By this method, we can train and strengthen the intubation,

Take a peace of your hair... Now place it in, preferably, a natural body of water but tap is fine too, and say "I bond my spirit with the element of water". Since fresh and salt water are different, I suggest doing a separate one for the ocean.

Good idea , but tap water is *not* fine...

Not unless you want to bind yourself to arsenic , possible lead ,

and other toxic chemicals...*not* a good idea...


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