usually i have an obsidian that can get rid of it but its not workin,may have absorbed too much already..that mixed in with some annoying people is making things very tough right now,even focusing takes effort.any suggestions?

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Turkey curse that shit.

I agree with the death metal.

Have you cleansed your obsidian? That might be why it isn't working. They're supposed to be cleansed daily. Run it through some sage smoke or lay it in sea salt or salt water. Regular black obsidian is also a stone for working with the shadow self. It will quite quickly and roughly bring those shadow qualities to the surface to be dealt with. So, if you're an easily aggravated person, which I'm guessing you may be by the post and the use of the obsidian...or atleast you don't like expressing agitation and it's something you've repressed thus becoming part of your shadow self...the obsidian can actually serve to yank those qualities up and make you deal with them via annoying people.

You can try a gentler form of obsidian like snowflake obsidian or Apache tears which absorb negativity and pretty much do the same as black obsidian, but more slowly so that you're prepared. My suggestion is honestly Alyssum flowers. They're supposed to dispel anger and bring abundance and positive things anyway. They also drop glamour and charms others might use to dupe you, so it'll help keep liars at bay too.
Ok, so flowers may not work for you being a guy. Try Amazonite or another soothing, calming stone. Obsidian is probably not the best choice for you right now. Make sure to cleanse your stones regularly or they can accumulate negativity.

Rose/Nephele/Nocturna - it did help a bit,once they all stopped screamin i popped in the headphones and went through some favorites

RavenWolf - .....huh?

SerpentSaviour/Holly - unable to work with smoke,just being around it will kill me within an hour

Holly - only way i can cleanse it is by burial,but its been raining whenever im home lately,i was given a jar full of various stones though.will have to sort through them for agitation,not really.people say i have patience like a buddha but certain things(like making a threat of oneself)wont really end well.the flower..given the usual appearance and behaviors,it would be pretty funny to see that,maybe ill check for one just for the look on peoples faces lmao

everyone - thanks ^^ as always,better advice than most people in life.blessed be all


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