What are the "must have" herbs and flowers in your garden?


    I always have to grow  Rosemary and roses because they both are very versitile, also I'm fond of Basil, Catnip and Peppermint... again lots of uses. I also must have Aloe Vera around as well. oh, Garlic! yes that's a necessary herb for me. Everything else I can change out.

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Has anyone attempted to grow aconite (a.k.a wolf's bane)? I had a deep dream about this plant, but it might be taking the dream too literally to try and grow it. Also, I'm a little ambivalent over pitting my black thumb against a plant that can potentially kill at the touch. Though, I may be taking the online warnings too much to heart. It is a plant that requires careful handling either way, but it has uses that don't require contact or ingestion. Does anyone have experience with it? Do you handle it without gloves?

So, that would be no then.

Sage, Thyme, and Lavender are the herbs I get the most use out of. I also highly recommend growing dillweed, it's good for a surprising number of things. 

Herbs I frequently use in cooking are rosemary, thyme, coriander, basil, and have grown many of these over the years. It's nice being able to pick your own herbs that you have grown yourself. It's coming up to Winter here so I will have to await the warmer seasons before growing again. 

Answering the question hypothetically, assuming I didn’t have Hade’s touch with plants, I’d have to start with the holy trinity, Basil, Rosemary, and Thyme. I’d then include Dandelion (for the root and wine), Mugwort, and Mandrake. I’d also try to grow Morning Glories, and Moon Flowers even if I couldn’t harvest the seeds. On top, of these, I’d have to include one or more of the Mints (forest mint, spearmint, & peppermint), Star Anise, and Ginger.

I can advise daisy, spinach, rukkola

Staples for my garden are:

Garden Sage




At each harvest, I also keep the stems to make smudging bundles to burn.  The above tend to be hearty and grow in any weather condition.  They are also pretty versatile for cooking and herbery. 

I love the idea of saving the stems for smudging! Thanks for sharing :)
Lavender garlic gensing mint live forever aloe cucumbers grapes passion flower lady's slipper marshmallow jasmine. Hibiscus broccoli cloves just to name a few there are litterly millions out there for every ailment the earth provides a cure

Ah there is such a great list in this thread!!
A few that haven't been mentioned yet...

Esfand - the ultimate smudge plant, with real antibacterial properties. Energetic as well as physical cleansing through burning the seeds. 

Henna plant - not just a beauty thing, great for ritual use and great for your health.

Borage flower (the blue one - "gol gavzaban"). I've been needing it a lot lately. 
Taste of Persian herbal medicine:
For migraine --
Borage made into a strong tea with catnip and lemon, mishri/nabat (rock sugar) or honey.

For PMS and female hormonal balance --
Borage as a strong tea, mishri/nabat (chamomile is sometimes added)

It is most often seen being used during times of extreme anxiety, emotional instability, nervous breakdowns...calms the partaker almost immediately. 

Very cool! Borage is a pretty plant sometimes It produces pink flowers along with the blu which I enjoy seeing. I also use borage on top of cookies and put them in ice cubes to serve with drinks. One plant will drop tons of seeds and before you know it you’ll have a hardy flower forest.


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