What are the "must have" herbs and flowers in your garden?


    I always have to grow  Rosemary and roses because they both are very versitile, also I'm fond of Basil, Catnip and Peppermint... again lots of uses. I also must have Aloe Vera around as well. oh, Garlic! yes that's a necessary herb for me. Everything else I can change out.

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Chamomile, mint and ginger root.  

Ah , the old freedom of "Liberty Caps" , as we called them...

I remember well...;)

Well I checked long ago , on that , via the code ,

and just rechecked again , and there is a connection

between the Telluric Current , and the Mycellium Network...

It specifically adds to one of our arrangements of columns ,

with a value of 1318 :

It Will Be = 30

Mycellium Network = 350

Increase = 186

Near = 110

Increased = 186

Telluric Current = 455

= 1317

Just reaffirming your thought frame...

As the Telluric Current is stronger over underground water

and underground chambers , and this is where the old sites

were for Standing Stones and Temples many times...;)


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