What music are you listening to...NOW...


Then tell me why...why does it get you off ,

stir your blood , get you hot , move your feet...


Just what does it for you ?


First one for me...just for fun...


Because I like the theme of guitar wars...


And Ralphie , battling the "devil"...


Yeah...come to the Crossroads...:)


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Because if I need to swallow some muddled down, kicked around, dehumanized, impersonalized & chronologically disjointed perennial philosophy I'm going to need me some Tom Waits and just a little bit of chocolate.

Other than that - 'Eclectic Steam-punk-ish Cabaret' just seems to make me smile .
Oooooooh LOVE^^^^ And this will kick off Tom Waits for the rest of the day for my listening pleasure, thank you for posting!
Your all too welcome my dear Lady.

- Cheers
:O I can't believe I never noticed before ... Tom throat sings! And damn is he good!

LIKE!   I love this song...for kinda weird but obvious reasons :D


im listening to my a/c bc its freaggin hot out side

For the intro and saxophone break.
I love Pagan Radio...

I am listening to the new Stevie Nicks album, In Your Dreams. I have always loved Stevie's music, both with Fleetwood Mac and her solo work. It is ethereal, magical and haunting. Her lyrics go beyond the obvious and seem to pierce the veil between this world and the next. If I were to ever believe that a goddess came to Earth and took on human flesh, for me that goddess would be Stevie Nicks.


I am right there with you. Her music and lyric speak to my soul. So much so that I have a daughter named Stevie...

How awesome! :)



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