What music are you listening to...NOW...


Then tell me why...why does it get you off ,

stir your blood , get you hot , move your feet...


Just what does it for you ?


First one for me...just for fun...


Because I like the theme of guitar wars...


And Ralphie , battling the "devil"...


Yeah...come to the Crossroads...:)


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:) I like it Shawn!

it it's yours?

Yes , wrote it about five years ago , Kari...


Not bad for one who hit 52 about


Still young at heart...and wild and kinky...;)


I have been around different scenes in my time...*laughs*

currently listening to a hiphop playlist I put together the song "its a hard knock life" by Jay-z; my musical interests is Broad with hiphop on one side and new metal on the other and everything in between...I Love it all. music that speaks to me form the melody to the lyrics. my favorite bands = Bullet for my Valentine and Sum 41 but I have lots of favorites..when it comes to music I try not to discriminate :)

I love it! I have a broad spectrum myself and just generally think music is amazing. I also have a hard time choosing favorites lol I guess that's just the fate you suffer when you're so open. It's a good fate though :)

Loreena McKennitt's album "The Book of Secrets" and right now it's on "Night Ride Across the Caucasus." I specifically put this album in to help me get into the mood for writing. A lot of these songs remind me of the main character in a story I'm working on, and it's been far too many days since I last wrote anything for it, so I figured I'd try and get myself back into the zone with it. So far it's only half working.


In general though, I like this artist because the music makes me feel sort of sexy and magical. I've been known to play it before rituals or while burning candles late at night too. The songs are just the right mix of exotic and beautiful.

I'm eclectic in many ways including the music I choose to listen to at any given time
I will not say goodbye by danny gokie. Its my song to my son. I sang it at his funeral. It's my go to when I'm sad about loosing him. I love the emotions he put into it.

Hmm, always depends on the Mood.

Right now I am listening to the Pogues, but earlier was listening to The Raincoats.

Mostly listen to old school Punk, rock and memphis style blues. For ritual, Love drums, Libana.


I am listening to rammstein live at the tacoma dome may 15th 2011 the song is called buck stabu! i think i got the spelling right. anywho i went to this show and it just gets you going man, they are seriously the gods of fire! the emotion and sound coming from them is AMAZING live, so i listen to remember the best night of my life!


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