Most Pagan-sorts-of-people are readers.  I know I am.  I am just curious what folks on here are reading, and how they feel about it.

I myself am reading The Golden Bough(Frazer) and working through(slowly) The Ritual Magic Workbook(Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki).  I'm not so sure on The Golden Bough; the material itself is interesting but sometimes Frazer's personality gets on my nerves.  The Ritual Magic Workbook has been pretty involved so far, as much as I'm in to it.  Its a really good starter book for anyone getting into the Western mysteries.  I do like that its gotten me off my rump and up doing things.

Anyone else read either of them?

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In honor of the Olympics, I'm re-reading The Naked Olympics by Tony Perrottet.  It's a historical 'what was it like to attend an ancient Olympics?'.

Easy, very enjoyable and informative read.

My favorite part was a graffiti left on a stadium wall by some ancient Olympian before he went out to compete:

Look up Moschi in Philippi, he's cute


Haha, that's great!

Oh, you're full of good quotes... "age has granted me the mercy of forgiveness", and especially "dry as a desert fart in high summer"...
Dream Magic sounds pretty interesting to me. I used to be more involved with dream work a few years back but I fell out of it.

Way of the Shaman sounds particularly interesting.  You'll have to let me know how it is.

Not pagan but right now im reading through Eclipse Phase. Its in the sci fi genre but I always found trans humanism fascinating and how they discuss religions changing and evolving with technology fascinating as well as how it affected societies developing across the solar system.

Also through technology they have a sort of pseudo immortality and an odd form of reincarnation [in a way]. 

Really have not found to many other books that touch on Trans humanism like this book does. 

Also it has a creative commons licence so pay for it if you want or just torrent it if you dont. 

Interesting Will,  I've been looking into this subject as well, but on consciousness vs science.  In other words, perhaps technology mirrors what we may be able to do with consciousness.  To be able to manifest an incarnation without having to be born into a baby and start all over, but to come and go as we please.  Sounds too good to be true, but then why not?  It's hopeful if nothing else.

That would be immensely convenient, but do you think we'd miss out on some of the learning if we didn't have to rebuild each time?

Within the context of the setting they have turned consciousness into a repeatable scientific certainty. 

They can make a perfect copy of *YOU* all your memories, your personality, your likes your dislikes *YOU* and store it digitally. The actual concerns over data storage space are effectively non existent with their current level of technology.

If by manifest an incarnation that would be 'resleeving' almost everyone has a 'backup' of themselves stored digitally [why wouldnt you?]. There is also the one on the 'cordial stack' which is where the neck meets the brain stem on biological 'morphs' [bodies] that stores the 'ego' [consciousness itself back up is not 'awake'] . You 'resleeve' your 'ego' into a new 'morph' mind you if your cordial stack is not recovered they use your most recent back up. So if that was say 3 months ago or 3 days ago. Those memories, experiences, thoughts, feelings etc are lost and gone forever. Or at least are still on the stack assuming it is intact of course. 

Needless to say this technology has had a *MASSIVE* impact on their society[ies]. 

The book also addresses a number of issues that arose from it quite well. I could post a link for you to get for free [and legally] if you would like. It is free to distribute but you cant *SELL* it without their permission. But im kind of murky on how forum rules are in regards to that :/

Sometimes I kinda suspect it works like that, minus the modern technology. 

I don't think I'd want myself saved on file on this realm.  Too risky.  But I can see where that'd make a good book.

Sounds pretty interesting. I kinda feel like that's what we're going through now anyways. Most humans in developed society would totally not know how to function without their technological gadgets and conveniences, and its definitely changed the way humans interact with their environments, other people, and their own thoughts and ideals. Though its all on one planet here, sometimes looking at all the differences between societies of different means makes you feel like you're stuck in a sci-fi novel...

While not in its own section that point does get addressed a number of times somewhat off handedly in a number of places throughout the lore section of the book. Eclipse Phase itself is a tabletop role playing game. I mostly read it for the lore and such im not sure if i will ever actually play it as a game. 

Picked up a new book last night; Freemasonry in the Twenty-First Century(Don Bradly).  Reading it out loud for my husband(he hates reading but likes to listen).  Not to far in, but really like it so far.  Its mainly about the mystery teachings within Freemasonry.


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