If you could choose one thing as a family that is your fave tradition you do every year togather.

What would it be and why ?

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We make clam chowder on xmas eve. I love clam chowder. Yum!
Putting up the tree is my favorite. It is when I really start to get into the spirit of the season. It was always very special for me growing up. It was always my job to put the angel on the tree. My older brother would usually get the important jobs, but my dad made it my job. I am continuing this tradition with my son. I had him put the star on top of our tree this year (he is 3) and he was feeling quite proud.
Help someone in need..
You Know Staying up till the fricken crack of dawn, putting together things like trampolines, and bikes in the blackness of night, and pinching my finger and hands not being able to yell colorful metaphors into that cold dark night.........
i live in a catholic family, so yule is few days late over here ;) when i was a kid, my personal fave was trying to see "Little God" who was supposed to bring presents. presents were secondary, it was God i was more into :) see, here term for that christian holiday has nothing to do with christ but would translate as "little god" and here presents are brought by him, not santa :)
my fav would be a warm and happy family gathering... but people are getting more and more nervous abdout all the stuff and make fuss over unmportant things. so what if we don't have perfect tree and delicious cakes. all i need is my family... and friends :)


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