My name is Jinx, and I recently started an online coven as there are no covens close to my area, and I was wondering what everyone thinks about online covens? Do you think I should continue it or try and find a semi-close in person coven?

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I've never worked in a coven but from what I know of them I would think it would be quite difficult to do. I contribute to a Facebook page on Modern Minoan Paganism to discuss what we know of their practices from limited archaeological sources and UPG and some draw on and use Wiccan practices to fill in the gaps.

Finding an in-person group is always the best way to do ritual.

Is your on-line coven all women or is it evenly balanced?

We are just starting out, so members are very few however it will be evenly balanced.

I have no experience of online covens, preferring to interact in a ritual setting with others in person.

I think an  "online only" coven would incur problems exclusive to that setting. For example, how would the rituals be conducted so that all members feel included? Then there is the problem of different time zones. Also the "vetting" of potential new members.

Joining an "in person" coven would give you an entirely different experience. It might be beneficial to find an "in person" coven first and try that before you go for an "online only" one. You might find that you don't actually need to be in any type of coven. Covens do not suit everyone.

I have done it but now it is international as we don't have many local members. I do miss the gatherings we used to have but you do what you can

I feel online covens can produce some interesting results.

I run 3 online cyber-dojos lol all is well. Time & space is an illusion. Internal politics is what corrupts them..online or offline 

Personally I think online covens are just an extension of the age of information and a fantastic idea if others will hold the coven sacred. Maybe it could lead to meeting new people with new ideas from different areas.
Thank you everyone for your thoughts! I found them very insightful, and interesting on how they very.

I have decided to put my coven on hold for now as I have been invited to be trained as High Priestess for a dear friend of mine and to run my own extension of his coven which has the same values, rules, rituals, etc of the one I was going to start.

Blessed be,

Congrats. on your promotion. Is your friends coven an online one?

Traditionally covens were setup through mutual-dreaming. Using the Internet seems to be a less magically advanced version of that.

I see no problems with it being on-line, not many people want to drive 4 hours each way to attend a monthly meeting or something, and others for many reasons cant do that, so on-line fills that gap

I guess if you have a video conferencing facility and can use them on your computer its possible , that eliminates the time/space problem with time zones and brings you into `coven time` as a group wherever and what time zone you may be in the world.


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