My name is Jinx, and I recently started an online coven as there are no covens close to my area, and I was wondering what everyone thinks about online covens? Do you think I should continue it or try and find a semi-close in person coven?

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I think it's ok as long as they do not ask for $ or try to convince  you that theirs is the only real one  or that "their ways of thinking " is the real true way to the craft or tell you things that does not feel right to you,  it's a way to share ideas with other like minded people but as coven goes if you want to join a real coven this could be hard as most are secretive for obvious reasons and do not look for new members So online is a good compromise but you do not need to belong to a coven to be a true witch or pagan 

I had an online coven for several years, Coven of Bristolwicks.  I found that it took an incredible amount of time and energy to keep up the website, monitor new requests to join, keep everyone happy with scheduled rituals and video chat time, etc.  I also found that, even though members wanted all this stuff to do and be involved in, the reality was that getting anyone to actually participate was like pulling teeth.  The down side is that when you get a group of women together, they tend to act like a herd of cats.  There were lots of complaints from one member about another; there was the usual tensions that accompany any group of varied people with different personalities and expectations.  Eventually I ran out of time to keep it up, and I also ran out of patience dealing with all the feuds.

Living as a shut-in as I do I don't get much opportunity to get outside so an online coven would be my only option. Actually I am looking for one right now but my anxiety holds me back from joining any. You could think of it as you are doing a great service to the wiccan community & your own spirit by providing such a thing to people like myself who may have a hard time getting out or meeting people who share their beliefs.
Whatever you decide I wish you the best. I believe you can do it

With technological advances such as SKYPE and video messenger calls, an online coven is very doable. But even if the ritual aspect of it doesn't come together, it's a good way to connect with others who, like you, haven't any "real life" contact with other witches. A coven is a family, a support system. Much more than just people to do rituals and ceremonies with. I'm a solitary practitioner who finds the social aspect of groups a bit intimidating when meeting face to face, but online I'm a much more secure person. If nothing else, this will serve as a stepping stone until something in real life opens itself up to you


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