I love to reading and right now I'm rereading celtic magic from DJ Conway..short book, but gets you familiar with the mythology and names/places/beliefs..what are you reading?

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"Never be lied to again" although I am perpetually reading and re-reading the kingkiller chronicles by patrick rothfuss. READ THEM! They are "the name of the wind" and "the wise man's fear" they are amazing. And breathtakingly fantastic!

I'm reading Robert Garland's "The Greek Way of Death" at the moment.  I'm fascinated by the various funerary practices and myths surrounding Hades and the Underworld. 


I think when I'm finished with that, I'll purchase Walter Burkert's "Homo Necans: An Anthropology of Ancient Greek Sacrificial Ritual and Myth".  While I can't practice a reconstruction of the ancient practice of sacrifice due to my living situation here, it is something I'd like to research.  

Mother Goddam by Whitney Stine

Felt like a biography.

It's effing awesome so far.

Just saying.
Reading 'Uriels Machine' & 'Acoustic Archeology' at the moment....
I'm just starting Exploring the pagan path by Kristin Maden, so far (all 10 pages into it) so good :) I'm still flailing around a bit trying to find my path so I'm reading everything I can get my grubby lil hands on
The Witch of Portobello..I have to thank Matt for that..It's awesome..

Elixer of Immortality by Robert Cox

He suggests that ancient alchemy may have been a method of cold fusion, based on the notes left behind by ancient alchemists of the weight of the reactants vs the weight of the products and their properties.

Gerald Gardner and the Cauldron of Inspiration.
I purchased Kindle versions of The Equinox I-X, The Blue Equinox, Magick in Theory and Practice, etc. Should keep me busy for awhile;)

well its mythology of the northsmen, and icelanders sgas.


The Golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers.


Here's a brief description of the tomb.


In this text, the basic mathematical properties of the golden ratio and its occurrence in the dimensions of two- and three-dimensional figures with fivefold symmetry are discussed. In addition, the generation of the Fibonacci series and generalized Finobacci series and their relationship to the golden ratio are presented. These concepts are applied to algorithms for searching and function minimization. The Fibonacci sequence is viewed as a one-dimensional aperiodic, latice and these ideas are extended to two- and three-dimensional Penrose tilings and the concept of incommensurate projections. The structural properties of aperiodic crystals and the growth of certain biological organisms are described in terms of Fibonacci sequences.


It's pretty dry stuff.

Try "The Loom Of God"...makes it more interesting:D


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