Hello everyone! I'm kind of new here and curious about what deities people on here work with, and I wouldn't mind seeing if we work with the same deity. I actually feel a strong connection to Epona, so she has been the one that I've been working with lately.

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Heylo Titania, and welcome to PS.  :-)  I am a devotee of Hekate and work closely with the Seven Lords, who are draconic entities that rule as well as are part of the macrocosmic universe as well as the microcosmic universe.  I probably don't need to, but I'm going to disclaimer myself here by saying that the Seven Lords are how God Herself has presented herself to me, and is only part of my personal truth, so if no one knows what I'm talking about, that's fine, LOL.  I'm probably crazy anyways and that's okay too. *g*

Blessed be.


I guess you could say that we're all mad here! By other's standards anyway. I actually heard about Hekate from a friend of mine at school (even though she works more closely with Aphrodite). I don't know much about draconic entities though. I guess I should do a bit more research.

I had come across a brief mention of seven dragons that tore down and remade the world whenever the universe saw fit in a book once, and have been able to find no other mention of it.  I'm not sure if the author was their channel and they are so old that only two are remembered by the world's myths, and one is no longer seen as a draconic entity by those same myths, or if they are fictional creations of the author.  If anyone asks for more detail, I usually point them to the specific page of the book, because if this particular story does have no basis in either myth or channeled material, I don't want to swipe another person's intellectual property.  If it is part of my personal spiritual practice (which I find to be incredibly private anyways), then I'm not going to be preaching it and therefore won't run the risk of accidentally stealing someone's intellectual property.

Also, this particular book is nice for dragon nuts anyhow because all of the dragon myths from around the world are right there in it.  It's listed as a textbook for the Grey School of Wizardry, so I'm assuming the story of the seven dragons are channeled material.  They were in the myths portion of the book, rather than the entertainment industry portrayal of dragonkind.

In lak'ech ala k'in.  (Yes, finally found how to spell it!)


Epona if I am not mistaken is the Horse Goddess
My Goddess is The Morrigan her in her Maiden form she is the Wolf(huntress,protector) in her Mother form she is the Horse Goddess (fertility and life) in her Crone form she is the Raven (Guardian of the door between the worlds and Goddess of Life,deat and rebirth)

so in the Mother form we both worship a Goddess who favors Horses

Did not know this!! thanks for sharing!

I think i saw Ganesh working at walmart.....  and kali doing mail sorting at the mail center..  

why do you choose to work with a deity?   Is it important to have a deity?   what would you do if there was not a deity to work with and they were all busy? 

Is the epona deity you work with the same as someone else who chooses epona?  is it the aspects?  or is it the deity?   how do you work with a deity?>  do they answer you?  ( I know there is a Facebook god and he asks all the time for people to comment and ask stuff).  

What makes you want to work with a deity?  is it something that happened to YOU?  or is it something you go . OH I am  following this spiritual path. and I must have a deity ?   do you question why? you must have a deity?   DO you have to have a deity?  how do they help?

Oh by the way. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii.... welcome to PS...... I tend to ask probing and awkward questions like that balky 2 year old.. skeptical and questioning and OOOHHHH prettty all at once.........

And I'll answer to the best of my ability even if they come off as a little sarcastic.

1. I chose to work with deity because I had a connection with her. I have no idea if that connection was due to the fact that I grew up around horses or the "pull" she had on me.

2. I don't believe that it's important, but someone can choose to no matter if they get the "calling" or not.

3. I would just continue my path with or without.

4. Not necessarily. The gods and goddesses may present themselves however they wish. Some may present themselves as a mother or father figure while they present themselves as a teacher to others.

5. That varies from case to case. Some may be drawn to different aspects of deity while others are drawn to the deity themselves. I am drawn to Epona as a whole rather than just the aspects.

6. Again, that varies. For some it's as simple as prayer while others will have rituals honoring their deities. Those deities can also act as a guide.

7. Yes, they answer me, but I'm not sure about everyone else because I'm not them.

8. I didn't just want to work with this particular deity, I accepted a calling. I didn't decide to work with my goddess just because of my path.

9. I questioned why Epona wanted me to work with her at first, but I kinda just stopped doing that. If you're asking about if I question if I should have a deity than no. Like I said, I'd still be following my path without one. Do you like asking the same questions in a comment or were you just rushing?

10. See #2

11. They're a guide. What for? Who knows? Maybe the person they chose is lacking something such as courage or wisdom. Perhaps they just take them on to teach them because they have taken a liking to them. I'm not a goddess, so I wouldn't know.

Hope that was all of them. Oh and thanks for the welcome. Say hi to Ganesh at Walmart or Kali at the mail center for me if you see them again, kay? :-)

I really appreciate your reply............ and I really was not being sarcastic or sardonic .. just lol me.  

  with no 1. yep egg or chicken..  probably both.  that draw that fascination that passion. with me it was music and words and humor. 

2. and thats exactly right.  going with your intuition or what feels right . 

I hear ya on the calling.  questioning is good but sometimes acceptance is good and the only one who knows is you..   and lol. i just type sometimes and did not go back over it so sometimes the thread gets repeated.  

and in seriousness I believe entities and beings are everywhere if that is what you focus or accept.  .......  I was brought up to believe  more animist yet also entities. (native australian aboriginal dreamtime and also Japanese mystic and monk as well as bardic).  

nice to see someone striding forward and exploring and with panache. :)..

I have always been fascinated with pan.. puck.. loki..  green man.. cernunnos .. bachus.    I always question .. prod . ask. play .. dance.  yet wound within that is a serious asking and questions....... more of the tribal and shamanic and bardic pathway of anything. but I do not like to use the term path.. 

I really liked and enjoyed your responses and apologize if I perhaps came across as flippant. I was not.  :).

Thank you for clearing that up. You can never tell with typing, so sorry if I came off as rude with that reply.

you were not rude at all.  

Welcome! I'm new here, too!

Because I'm a Shaman of sorts, my Gods come to me as really weird entities :) I work with the Egyptian Deities usually, but they come to me as Modern God Archetypes (In my case - Transformers...) and on an odd occasion a character from Anime or a Movie. Or they invent a form based on a certain pantheon. Cernunnos as a snake with antlers is one of the weirder forms :)

Cernunnos and Diana. I work with spirits as well


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