Just curious on how you call on your God/Goddess and if there is any special names that you use? I am trying to find a name or names that feel right and so far I have nothing. Blessings to you all. Until we meet again.

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I personally dont have a name for the God/Goddess, but instead of God and Goddess I have heard of people saying GG, which they mean the God/Goddess but also the Deities they have alligned with...

I'm a reconstructionist, so I have a myriad of epithets to choose from when I invoke my gods.

"Great one"

"Wise one"



But sometimes I just call the Lady or Lord, or Brother or Father and include the disclaimer "Or by whatever name you prefer" as the gods can have preferences.

I generally say god or goddess unless I'm working with a specific deity then I will use whatever their name is.

Thank you all. I most always say God when I am "praying" with my family or spell casting. I just felt weird that I was using the Christian Name EVEN though the meaning of the Name has changed for me into a meaning of pure energy and is part of everything around me.

Blessings to all.

It all depends. For Isis, I will refer to as "Great Mother", "Giver of Life", or "Lady of the Stars". At times I will refer to all the gods as "Holy Ones" as a whole.

Lord and Lady most of the time. With lots of epithets

If I am working with a specific deity I'll use that name, which is usually my patron Vidar, again with lots of epithets.


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