I felt like crap lots when I was young.. I then learned to be an energy healer do to the fact that my head felt like it was going to explode from the migraines I frequently had.. Now, if I dont feel good I take a hot shower and do a water meditation at the same time.. It seems to change my state quite well... What do you do? Go for a walk?dead walk Pictures, Images and PhotosGet a rub down?Eat comfort food?picnic Pictures, Images and PhotosTake medication?Listen to music?Play with a pet?puppy dog Pictures, Images and PhotosGo to the bathroom and poop?lol...Talk to friends? Whats your therapy?
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Is cleaning a form of meditation?Cleaning Gif Pictures, Images and Photos
That depends on why I feel like crap. If I'm sick, then I sleep. If I'm feeling sad, then I log on to PS and chat. Always makes me feel better.
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I smoke..Not good for me, I know, but it helps relieve stress...

I clean, when it's nice out, I go for walks in the woods...listen to music, watch a good movie..shut myself in the bedroom and rest, take a hot bath..LMAO! Laughing at that poopin' graphic..That is some funny shit..:D..

Lady A~~~~~~
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Smoking Smileys Pictures, Images and Photosjust nicotine?lol..
Talking Heads Pictures, Images and Photos
does anyone dance to feel good?
Can't dance. I'm not that good at it. I smoke too.
gif Pictures, Images and PhotosI bet you can slow dance...
Would you like to be my partner?
I would love to...dance gif Pictures, Images and Photos
firsl of all LOVE the images LOL ...
Especially The Toilet One HAHAHAHA

What I Do Is Lite An Incense
And Put On Ambient Or New Age Music
And Meditate ....
And/Or Hot Massage Shower Is Sooo Groovy
I Think Of Myself Under A Waterfall In The Rainforest With my CD Playing The Rainforest Sounds Of Birds And Other Wild Animals.


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