Inspired by Celticlass and her fun personal pictures, I thought I'd post a picture of me! I just got a camera so I can stop posting graphics from the internet (as much as I like a lot of them) and start posting real pictures. I know that some (maybe a lot) can't post their picture because they are surrounded by witch-hunters or wanted by the law. :-) (Someone has to be out there in the Bible-Belt bringing enlightenment! Thank the Gods, I'm not one of them!) Anyway, I am way out of the broom closet so what the hell! At least you will know why I'm the "troll!" So, I invite anyone, so inclined, to post their mug shot! You'll probably will see a lot more of me (sorry to say!) Oh and I can't smile to the camera, I don't know why. Maybe I'll learn how. Anyhow here I am in all my glory!

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If i could not be pagan then what could i be ? The christen path just dos not fit me . I once went all the time to a christen church . But i feel closer to God / Goddess sitting under a birch . Blessed Be .
Hey, I was sitting outside a old stone cathedral on a bench facing a birch tree. I left a quarter as an offering to the spirits. Weird. BTW, I'm friends with the minister even though he knows I'm a pagan and he doesn't try to save my soul. He knows better LOL


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