I don't have a freakin clue what to discuss ---- evylynn help me out here?

ONLY nice discussion please.



Hoe msny children do you want?

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No kids for me personally. But lots of animals! And possibly being a foster mum...I would like that!
I want no kids. In fact, I started a group here called Child Free by Choice for those of us who are not interested in parenthood.

Other than that, I guess I don't have much to say except I hope you have a great day!
I'm a member! *does happy dance*
I have two kids and a grandson :)
i LOVE teenagers. I have 5 kids,with my 3 evil step children,two grandkids,4 doggies,1cat and my 92 year olde DA!! I;ve taught dance and gymnastics to teen and little ones on and off forecver. 3 year olde tap class is the dance class from hell! I'd rather be an Englishman!!
I am yellow color blind. It is interesting how I discovered that fact.

I would see blue when other swore it was green. So, during the color blind test at MEPS (Military Entry Processing Station) I was ready to have trouble with that one. I was not expecting to have trouble with red and orange. I had more trouble with it than the blue green. It was actually someone else that pointed out I didn't see all shades of yellow, only three of them. All shades of yellow fall into one of three shades, the rest are pale of rich versions of those three. For me, lemon yellow is the same as canary yellow, is the same as fruit loops yellow.
some colors I can see better than enything else and am quite picky about what color they are you know blue is not just blue its tourquoise or seafoam but some colors i just can not see at all - and dont really care cau se i had some amaretto schnapps and am feelin mighty fine. i was gonna put schmaltz but i thought i would go with the more formal schnapps
oh and babe I want 15 chitlins love you


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