What is being a Pagan, a witch, a Wiccan, a Satanist ETC. mean to you personally?

Part of what being Pagan to me is I'm a part of something very old.  Another part is there is no 'just one God, Jesus, heaven, hell' .  I have been able to find the Goddesses & Gods that I WANT to pray to, worship etc. 
     Being a witch is just a part of me. Writing spells, meditating, working to make my special brews as I call them. This is who I have always been. It took time to figure it all out & there is always more to learn. But this is me, the Witch Bastet.

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For me it means, I alone am responsible for my choices, which is freeing for me, I think as I chose to think, go where I chose to go, no one tells me what I have to do, be, or think.
It means I am free to pursue and explore those spiritual practices and beliefs that speak to me, that I need no one to intercede on my behalf with the gods, I can do that on my own and directly.
It means that I am among others, though I do not always wholly agree with them, that have similar feelings and/or beliefs.
It means so much that is hard to put into words, it means me, my life, the way I see and live in the world.
What pagan means to me is someone who shuns the mainstream ideals from the mainstream Abrahamic religions. Mostly Christianity (And its denominations.) and possibly Islam. That doesn't mean hostility towards those religions, its a personal symbol. The term was what Christians used against those who worshiped other gods or had opposing beliefs historically. Since a lot of us want to "reclaim" those old gods and/or have diff beliefs to Christians we apply the title "pagan" to ourselves.
Its a culture thing. Tells me when my holidays are and what I'm supposed to do on them.
What it means to me... I'm able to create a worship and study system for me in which my heart is no longer at war with my head (religious training.)
It's a coming home to me through the examples of ancient cultures who were spiritually connected with the Earth and knew many Gods and Goddesses. And a connection with a collective concious too that "modern society" has forgotten. It seems more "pure" to me then the overly organized dogmatic modern religions, so feels closer to the truth in my heart. I love being a modern Pagan, applying the science and knowledge of 2012 to the old ways...sort of like living in ancient Eqypt with airplanes and the internet :)


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