I've recently come across a problem, and it has grown quite severe.

About a week ago I started noticing I was tired all the time (have barely been sleeping) and especially I've been drained of energy, feeling light-headed, dizzy, woozy, and feeling like my consciousness is floating somewhere above my body, like I'm looking down on myself just going through the motions.  Now for the facts--1.it has been really hot and humid here lately but usually I can go weeks with drinking only a couple glasses of water a day without getting heatstroke.  2. my head has been hurting, and in a different way then simply getting headaches.  3. yesterday I shieled foro the first time in a couple months and it helped.  4.  today I called water in the shower to cleanse and revitalize me and it REALLY helped; even took most of my migrained away.  5.  eating and drinking water hasn't been helping get rid of the energy drain.

My question is, has anybody else ever encountered these problems, and do you have any ideas of what could cause it?  My first thought was that somet6hing or someone was sucking my energy because when I shieled I immediately started to feel better but it was only temporary; it got to it's worst point today but after the theraputic elementyal shower I feel loads better, even have some of my energy back.

So could this be because something or someone was trying to drain my energy, or maybe exhaustion?  Or maybe dehydration has final;ly caught up with me.

I just don't know, but I would very much appreciate any suggestyions/advice/comments/thoughts.

Thank you!

Blessed Be!

Niamh Teine


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Before you start looking for magical causes, PLEASE see a doctor. I cannot stress this strongly enough - it's important to rule out serious physical issues before you decide something has a magical cause. It could definitely be exhaustion or dehydration, but there are other possibilities as well. It would be foolish to trust a medical diagnosis made on the basis of a forum post.

I agree completely with Ravnfyr. Go see a doctor, when something is not working right with our bodies they let us know, it sounds like yours is talking to you. When it comes to your health, see a doctor first and then if everything checks out fine then look to a possible magical approach.

I will give you a hint.

You've already stated the problems and their likely sources.  Why are you asking us?

Dizziness, fatigue, headaches, etc. are all symptoms of dehydration.  As for the rest of the fatigue, you said you haven't been sleeping?  There's your answer.  Drink more water.  Eat more things that have a high water content.  Eat things that have a high SALT content as well, because they will help you retain water.  Take a look into sleep therapy or some other way to help you sleep.  If you get enough (and high enough quality) sleep, you probably won't be so tired, yeah?

That being said, you should probably see a doctor.  I really don't understand why someone suffering an onslaught of physical symptoms would think they stem from a magical/spiritual cause.

This is excellent advice. So was looking for natural causes before spiritual.

Some natural cures for sleep can be found in the archive, such as; chammomile tea. Also a regular routine can help the body get in cue that it is bed time.

Could be low blood pressure, anaemia or something else medical. Does anyone in your family have anything like that? Best to get it checked out by a doctor first.

Check if there are medical reasons.many women,if they are low uin iron can get light headed and be tired much of the time. Stress can also play a role in our physical well being. you want to rule these things out first. if you find and believe it is NOT medical,then I'd suggest trying to get to the "source" of what has happened in your life ltely that mayhaps is causing this...

As you can see from the replies to your post, there could be many reasons for your symptoms. The only way to know for sure is to see a doc. Could be one of these problems, none of these problems, or a combination of these problems. See a doc. It's important. Let us know how you are doing.

Please see a doctor but remember to not follow them blindly.. your body tells you when something is out of whack as Starfire says.. many ailments can be corrected through diet and understanding what is going on with you.. if you are given a prescription try to speak with your pharmacist about its properties.. doctors often prescribe meds but do not know how it will affect each individual..

Extreme heat is dangerous, stay hydrated and if you can lay off greasy foods.. if your head is hurting followed by headaches it can be your vision or blood pressure acting up..so it's best to find out what the problem is first and go from there... I wish you good health and encourage you to stay involved with your recovery and please do not let the doctor turn you into a lab rat

ty all for the comments and the concern!  I'm still tired much of the time but the crises seems to have peaked (finally).  I think I will go see a doctor, definately (just have to call and check to see if my medical will fully pay for the visit, or if they can bill me, as we just don't have the money for a copay right now) but I will definately see a doctor.  And I will keep you all updated as to what is going on with me and how I am feeling.

Thank you all and blessed be!

Hope you can resolve it and get to the source of the issue.


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