Why do so many people hide behind magic names?? I really don't understand this, a magic name implies shame or like your doing something wrong. Shouldn't you be proud of who you are? There is no need to hide behind secret names to meet up with others to preform secret rituals. There is no threat of execution in this day and age. You don't see any witch related murders on the news. If the name change represents as rebirth into someone anew, why not take that name then. It's possible during this time. I'm sure though if this happened their would be 10 million ravenmoons out their lol. What happened to being original too. In my opinion there is no need for this aspect in any "craft".

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There are a few areas still where there is a threat of execution - do some research before you state such. Granted, I believe it's in central Africa that it's happening? Which I don't seem to see very many people from that part of the world on the website, but still.

Having a "magical name" can be for two reasons. One, the person may actually prefer to be called by their name they have on here rather than their real name. I do actually respond to being called "Brigidt" or "Brig" outside of a pagan atmosphere! haha

The other is that some people feel the need to separate their 'mundane' selves from their 'magical' selves. It keeps their work sacred, special. There's also those who keep their magical names COMPLETELY private, because it's a very personal thing. Personal preference, but some people feel that only certain people can know it. Sort of like the true name theory. But, if someone feels like their magical name or name they prefer to be called on here, is Ravenmoon or what have you, shouldn't it be a point of respect to call them such?

As for hiding behind secret names and having secret rituals.... isn't that part of the fun??? ;-)

Thats not the point I was trying to get across. I believe you shouldn't care what others think. Being a witch is like wearing a badge of honor in my opinion.


So why are you caring what others think?

I don't care lol, I thought it was funny.


Hey I'd like to add also who cares about africa, If people can't take up arms and defend themselves or simply leave they deserve their fate. There is no room for the weak in this world anymore. Natural selection is a necessary process for the improvement of mankind.

"If people can't take up arms and defend themselves or simply leave they deserve their fate"

Oh if only life were as easy as you think it is. You think they can just simply say..."Oh, this part of the world is too harsh to live in, and dangerous, so I'll just take this here gun and start shooting the militants who rule this country and make everything all better". That's a pretty naive attitude. Have you ever BEEN to Africa?? I know people who have, and it's not that easy!

We all come from different walks of life. I served 3 years in the army and I know and understand what it's like overseas. Buying an ak in countries like that is as simple as walking down to the gas station to buy a pack of smokes. Save your bleeding heart for someone who cares. Maybe you should go over there and save them if you care that much. Either way I really don't care.

Thank you for your service. You are appreciated for that.

Thank you.

You should care to some degree, everything is interconnected.  When there's conflict in Africa, the world feels it.  It may just be a hit on your wallet, but the punch still feels the same.  The value of the dollar, is based on the value of the flow of goods and services in this day and age.  You don't like paying high gas prices?  Maybe you should start caring about conflicts where the gas comes from eh?


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