Why do so many people hide behind magic names?? I really don't understand this, a magic name implies shame or like your doing something wrong. Shouldn't you be proud of who you are? There is no need to hide behind secret names to meet up with others to preform secret rituals. There is no threat of execution in this day and age. You don't see any witch related murders on the news. If the name change represents as rebirth into someone anew, why not take that name then. It's possible during this time. I'm sure though if this happened their would be 10 million ravenmoons out their lol. What happened to being original too. In my opinion there is no need for this aspect in any "craft".

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Apology accepted! on behalf of onions everywhere ;)


In some traditions, initiates receive a new name as part of the ritual. The exact reason varies, but it's never a matter of "hiding" or "shame". The name is known only to the group, perhaps recorded in the tradition's membership rolls. Beyond that, it's kept secret. This is not because of some fear of "executions", but because no one outside the group has a right to know it - which is why such names are not used outside of ritual. 

ma·gus (mgs)
n. pl. ma·gi (mj)
1. A member of the Zoroastrian priestly caste of the Medes and Persians.
2. Magus In the New Testament, one of the wise men from the East, traditionally held to be three, who traveled to Bethlehem to pay homage to the infant Jesus.
3. A sorcerer; a magician.

It's a title not a name obviously stated here in the definition if you can read lol. I really wasn't even referring to screen names either, but since you guys wanna make a point on screen names sure lets make a point about screen names. Anyone who knows me or decides to find me can, I don't really care if they do. I also don't believe if a witch had my name she or he could control me. Shoot if you believed that wouldn't it be more dangerous to post a real picture of yourself? The only thing I was implying is why hide anymore thats it nothing more nothing less. You people are really thinking to far into this. I don't hide my beliefs from anyone. Everyone including my family knows what I am and I dont care if they like me or not. Being who you are is something to be proud of and having the ability to be yourself out in the open is very empowering. I'm just saying there is a lot of people out their that hold this belief like it's something to fear if someone finds out. Who cares if they do, if they cant accept you then obviously you don't need them in your life at all.

"I'm just saying there is a lot of people out their that hold this belief like it's something to fear if someone finds out. Who cares if they do, if they cant accept you then obviously you don't need them in your life at all."

uh, people who don't want to lose their jobs. Honestly do you not get out that much?

You seem very angry at the answers people have given you as to why they, and others, use a name, magical or otherwise. Isn't that what you asked for in your OP? The point? I'm not sure I understand why you seem to be so angry. Folks are in the closet about a lot of things...religion, sexual orientation, bi-racial relationships (yep, I know a couple of those). Does it matter to anyone besides them why they're in their own closet? You're not in a closet about your spirituality. Good for you. That's great, but it really doesn't matter to the rest of us (overgeneralizing perhaps, but making a point) if you're in or out or what your name/title is. I just don't understand your apparent anger...
One of these days he will display that anger to the wrong person, possibly a real Satanist, and maybe he will get a reality check after he wets himself from pissing them off. I wouldn't take him seriously.

A magic name implies shame?

You have some strange ideas in your head...

I kind of see where Magus is coming from and I did wonder myself why you all use such creative names. I thought about changing mine but when I went to do it I felt a bit silly and like a fraud, I guess its just not me to be called starlight seabunny or such - although I am often called Blondie even though I have dark hair...sure you can work that one out! :)

Anyway, thank you for your explanations; and I must be very lucky as I don't have to worry about any of the horrible things you all seem to with your paths...


Do not feed the trolls.

fairy witch in my online handle not my craft name. the photo isn't me , either. Why? security reasons thats why...There are still nuts out there and women especially need to be careful.I do have a craft name. I took it when I was intiated, the first one and then the second at another time when I self dedicated..It sybolizes rebirth to me.


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