What should I do for my first calling of the Lord and Lady?

I've been reading The Circle Within by Diane Sylvan and I just have been feeling a strong sense to connect with the Lord and Lady, like right now. I haven't casted my first circle yet, as I have been studying, and now I am certain I want to connect with them. I want to declare myself to them. Any tips on how to do so? I would like to do this before Friday night, since that is going to be my first open circle with a local coven. I want to have my own private session before going to an open one. Thoughts? Advice? 

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no one? okie

Follow the instructions you have learned in your studies, as you progress you'll find your own way to practice, find the invocations that mean something to you or write your own, then just follow where your heart leads you. I find that I just talk to them as if they were standing with me in circle, or another thing that works for me is to sit quiet and let the energy fill me and wash over me. For me the most important thing is to be present and open to Their presence. Good luck, Blessings. You'lll do fine.

thank you for that :]

You're very welcome. I regrett that I did not note the date you posted tho. I'll be late to my own funeral I think. ;) I do hope that you found the guidance you were looking for.

An icon in the form of a statue, picture, or relevant object is helpful in focusing your intentions. Several ancient cultures felt that icons were a window into the spiritual. Even today, some feel that statues, especially, are a seat for spirit.

thank you very much! :] i will look into it

Make sure you have a very good reason for calling them.

Otherwise you're calling down a powerful and primeval force and when it arrives, you just shrug and say,"I just wanted to say 'hi'."

There is a good book called, "Wicca For Beginners" by Thea Sabin. In it she talks about make an introduction to the God and Goddess. I recommend it.  Also while I understand that you want to do some kind of ritual in order to connect with them, I hope that you are not putting pressure on yourself in order to fit this deadline. Besides the open ritual itself can be your introduction. My first really powerful witchy experience was at an open ritual back in ye ancient 90's and I never did a ritual beforehand, at least not a formal one.

I actually didn't get the chance to do it because I wasn't sure of myself. However I have had two rituals since then and felt nothing but energy and love. It was very overwhelming. but enjoyable :]

Yeah and I'd know that If I looked at the dates more carefully. lol! duh.

It's perfectly ok! It can still apply since I haven't done it yet just myself. I plan on doing it today. And this thread can also apply to anyone who searches with keywords :]


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