You and thousands of your closest friends, associates, acquaintances, people you out and out don't like and the rest that you don't know or give toss over.


You're going to the feast!

This isn't an office party where you need to behave yourself, you're full on you!


So, what would you bring to the banquet to share up with this fine fellowship?








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Mead... Brunswick stew and fresh baked bread......... drums....

I love pot luck dinners  especially among Pagan company.^_^

Cookies for dessert. My wife makes the best Pentagram cookies. Her Christian friends think it's a Christmas star. She takes sugar cookie dough and gingerbread dough. Using two cookie cutters she makes circles and stars. She puts the gingerbread stars in the sugar cookie circles and and the the sugar cookie stars in the gingerbread circles. They are quite lovely and very yummy. A blessed Pagan holiday treat.

I like to make soup.  The type of soup would depend on the season.  Since Yule is coming up, I would make clam chowder.  I also like to drink wine or beer and would probably bring a bit to share.

Mead and dancing girls...a wait, is my wife invited?


I got the wine

My David has the hush puppies

.AND the band.......

Red meat.  Somehow I think I might be ravenous for meat lol


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