You and thousands of your closest friends, associates, acquaintances, people you out and out don't like and the rest that you don't know or give toss over.


You're going to the feast!

This isn't an office party where you need to behave yourself, you're full on you!


So, what would you bring to the banquet to share up with this fine fellowship?








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Now that's what I call perfection.. thank you C'Lass it sure beats sweet tea in my book...ex husband was  the Southerner... Southern Highlands that is....

I'll bring rabbit stew Rittalin-bunny, are you available for lunch?

I'm not doing anything this Friday. What do you say, about one-ish?

I gained three pounds just reading these comments.....

meatballs... Swedish meatballs.


Shortbread & Cinnamon Sandie Cookies & hot chocolate, with trays of assorted chocolates :o) 






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