The following is a re-post of a discussion/blog that I wrote over a year ago.  Since then I have had many other simple pleasure moments.  The original post was written right after getting the first phone call from Eric after he arrived in Iraq.  This was the beginning of one of the longest years of my life.  Quite the feeling to have a child/man you love literally in harms way 24/7.  I wish I could say that I will never have to live through this again but we already know he will be deployed to Afghanistan in late 2012. Anyway, my simple pleasure back when this was first posted was the sound of his voice....Since then he has returned home and my simple pleasure was seeing his face for the first time when the brat snuck up on me and I didn't even know he was back....
These days, my simple pleasure is watching him cut the grass...I know it sounds silly doesn't it?
I stand at the window with the smell of freshly cut grass tickling my nose and I watch him.... My eyes follow his every move and more often than not tears fill my eyes and I am just so peaceful .
So......I  ask you.....What is your simple Pleasure?

Simple Pleasures
Stop for just a second and think about what one simple thing could bring joy to your heart and make your soul sing. Peace on
earth,end of world hunger... these for most of us are or would be
shared joys. I'm talking about small simple things that are personal to
I just had one of those things happen to me. **huge smile here**

I was sitting here writing some e-mail and my cell phone rings...I look
at the caller ID and thought what the heck kinda number is that....
Tentatively I answered... "hello?" and there it was, the voice I love and adore " Hey woman whatcha doing? OMG ERIC! all reasonable and logical thought flew straight out the window and all I could do was feel.

The call was short but it was enough...for now... :)

I was overwhelmed with such a feeling of tremendous joy that I was
practically giddy. Ok freely admitting it, I was and still am giddy.
NOTHING could compare to this. I feel exhilarated and recharged. I want
to shout it from the mountain tops, run naked in the streets (no
worries, THAT feeling is being controlled lol) dance in the rain and
sing at the top of my lungs.....

*happy sigh** Life really is good isn't it

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It's amazing isnt it Dream? The things that we take pleasure in and often times take for granted.... Lilacs from your list stirred memories that I have not thought about in a very long time....Thank you:)
Lilacs from your list stirred memories that I have not thought about in a very long time.
Same here. I grew up with a lilac tree right outside my bedroom window. The smell of lilac always brings back the sweeter memories of childhood for me.
It's amazing isnt it? Just reading the word Lilac set the memories off complete with smell.....:)
Yes. For me it is a very good example of how strongly related memory and the sense of smell are. My husband and I are both into aromatherapy and we do a workshop sometimes where we pass oils around that are unlabeled and ask people to guess what the scent is and write down any feelings or thoughts or memories that they get when smelling them. It's amazing how many memories come up with all the different smells.
what a fun idea..:) My daughter can not smell cucumber melon..without saying mmmm Nana:) My Mom uses it all the time.
Beautiful Pam....:) Thank you so much for sharing this.
*sigh* "My wife falling asleep with her head on my shoulder." I hope she knows this is one of your simple pleasures...:) What a wonderful thing to share...... Thank you
my top three right now are:

- sitting down on the soft sofa after a long day.
- a good cup of tea (during the week it's my needed caffeine, but on the weekends it's special - same thing/different association)
- a hug (for me hugs are life affirming, grounding experiences - especially when i am hugging a dear friend)
Floating the river in the summer. So peaceful and absolutely nothing to do but sit, relax and visit with your friends. I love it!
peace-lily!! so nice to see you again after all this time..:) Oh yeah, the Silver Pixie is a new nick...but I'm the same old Cassie... Really like lazy imagery of drifting down a river..:)
It's the laziest way to spend a summer day, LOL.The most that needs to be done is occasionally rowing to stay out of an eddy or to get to the faster water. I have awesome floats that are like floating recliners. All you need is sunscreen, refreshments and a day to completely waste... It's bliss! ;) (Nice to see you too!)
Spending time with family and friends
walking through the woods or by a river or both :P
having a cup of herbal tea or hot chocolate
having a fire :)


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