This is I think a very important topic, most people will tell you the world revolves around themselves.  If anything happened it was directed at them, personally.  And that just isn't the case, most perceived ill effects are the result of something else; Splash or Collateral Damage.


Every working causes ripples.  If you study long enough, these ripples will become apparent, even charged with energy from a point of origin.  Nothing, nothing at all is entirely hidden, just not everyone has learned to see.  Most workings are very simple, small splashes like tossing little rocks into a clear still pond, and a very few are large splashes when a car falls into that still pond.  Fewer still by a factor of a thousand or more drain the pond dry in an instant.


Just because something failed in your world... it snowed in Florida, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Alabama, and Texas.  Just because you happened to be there, like France, when it snowed doesn't mean that someone was snowing the world on your parade.  Rather you happened to be in the area of effect for a working that someone did.  The ripples are obvious for those who can see them.  So enjoy the snow.  :)


Most negative effects people experience are incidental, and have nothing at all to do with magick.  A few people for a myriad of reasons experience more... and one in tens of thousands experiences a true curse (hex).  Someone once told me there are no small curses, choose for yourself if you believe that.  I do.




Change is the entire purpose of life.

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So simple understanding of these ripples will allow us to understand what exactly? Patterns that life happens in? How? (can you use some examples/stories for those easily confused like me lol) You did use the out of season snow as an example, is this because someone else was hexed or just a random example of the ripples? How do you know when it's a hex from someone else? What signs do you look for?


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