When someone says "Have you found Jesus?" what do you say?

I'm not terribly outspoken when dealing with strangers or casual acquaintances. For all that I'm pretty self contained around my intimates.

When I think about it I may be more sharing with people here than in any other venue I dwell in.

Wow, that's probably not the way it should be. If I think about it for a second on some level.....but I don't have time for that right now so:

I keep running into well meaning people who ask me if i've found Jesus. They get so twisted mad when i laugh it off with,

"I didn't know he was hiding from me." or "I think he may be that Mexican chap that's the Maitre De at Scorpio's."

All things being equal isn't it the responsibility of the believer to find their own god? Why do i have to do it for them when i don't even believe in this stuff?

It's not like I have people coming up to me at the KFC and asking me to go look for Thor with them, or see if Cthulhu is a sneaking behind the bushes at the 7/11.

No one ever asked me where Ganesh was lately or if I'd seen Lugh peeking out from the drain spout.

What the heck do you say so people don't get all bent over the "Where's JC today!?!" thing?

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only had Jehovah's Witnesses and once: "2 Atheists live here, i'm the Pagan"

u could take the opportunity to explain to them that Jesus"", much like Krishna, Buddha etc.

is a metaphor for your higher (highest SELF). Or explain to them if you like Christ -consiousness

the metaphor being, when enuff people in the world take on a Christ /Krishna consciousness?

then in that sense, ""the Lord """ comes back"".  The greatest act of love a human can do is be willing to put life on the line, or lay down one's life for another (the metaphor of Jesus on the cross).

 Now if they are not going to get all that? then yes, just skip it, and say you found already and you'r good.

I take the opportunity to tell them about my very reasonable theory that Jesus went to India during his "silent" years---ages 13 to 30---and that he studied with a Buddhist master. I say that Jesus was a Bodhisattva. By the time I begin to explain what a Bodhisattva is, my audience is starting to run away from me. I guess I am a threat to their faith.

under the name Isa?

"It wasn't my job to watch him."

I would say you mean Jesus on the popsicle stick.

 I would tell them to study the Davinci Code

Christians can be very obnoxious and pushy when it comes to thier prodding questions like why don't you believe kinda of thing.

I just say nothing. Most of the time alot of the people asking want the best or what they feel is the best

I simply say that I was not looking for your Jesus but if I find him I'll let you know. And next time... be more careful not to lose him so much... and you won't have to be out asking pagans if they found him.


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