When someone says "Have you found Jesus?" what do you say?

I'm not terribly outspoken when dealing with strangers or casual acquaintances. For all that I'm pretty self contained around my intimates.

When I think about it I may be more sharing with people here than in any other venue I dwell in.

Wow, that's probably not the way it should be. If I think about it for a second on some level.....but I don't have time for that right now so:

I keep running into well meaning people who ask me if i've found Jesus. They get so twisted mad when i laugh it off with,

"I didn't know he was hiding from me." or "I think he may be that Mexican chap that's the Maitre De at Scorpio's."

All things being equal isn't it the responsibility of the believer to find their own god? Why do i have to do it for them when i don't even believe in this stuff?

It's not like I have people coming up to me at the KFC and asking me to go look for Thor with them, or see if Cthulhu is a sneaking behind the bushes at the 7/11.

No one ever asked me where Ganesh was lately or if I'd seen Lugh peeking out from the drain spout.

What the heck do you say so people don't get all bent over the "Where's JC today!?!" thing?

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I do agree with you, X,however I still,generally engage in a conversation when I can.....religion is a fascinating topic.....

I tell them, "Yes, he was hiding behind the couch the entire time!"  It usually pisses them off lol.

Usually something snarky like "he's under my couch" or "oh you mean hay-zeus? he mows my lawn".

I usually quote Forrest Gump and say..."I didn't know I was supposed to be looking for him."

hi. i think it will always be a mine field. my friend from the  jahovah witeness's got bent when she talked to me about christ. i asked if she read the  koran or sutras of the buddha or the vedas. she said no. so i asked "how do you know what truth is"?  she got mad, thinking i was making fun of her beliefs. so now we don't talk religion. i respect her beliefs because that is what makes her the person i call friend. she respects me when i say god to me is way beyond anything popular faiths express, and they (the religions)are just updated versions of tribes around campfires exchanging poems and stories to understand the unknowable.

i know there is --god,goddess,the force,the creator, thusness or what ever is there. i just try to be human and don't worry about people on a mission to convert the world. if there for love, i love them. if they are for hate, i try to love them more.

That was really moving michael

"if there for love, i love them. if they are for hate, i try to love them more."

Beautiful man, beautiful.

I always say I didn't know he was missing

you could always answer with, "are you looking for him?" "ill let him know you asked about him." "have you tried filing a missing persons report?" btw Ritalin-Bunny, have you seen Waldo? wheres Waldo? have you accepted Waldo as your personal lord and savior today? Waldo loves you :)

Where have you guys been?

Jesus just left Chicago, and he's bound for New Orleans.

Took a jaunt through Mississippi, turning muddy water into wine.

Went out to California to the forests and the pines!

You may not see him in person, but he'll see you just the same...

You don't have to worry, cause "taking care of business" is His name!

maybe you should return the question in another way, "are you looking for jesus?" also, you could just totally own them and cause them to admit defeat by replying, " jesus does the choosing, not you or i, goodbye."


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