It seems that some of us found our general direction at a younger age than others. We may not have known that we were walking a path, but some interest was expressing itself or a being was making itself known.

Were you youngish in age? Middle-ish? Oldish?

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I was oldish when I found my path.

I was in my early 40s when I read my first magic book and did my first rite-- to find a job that I could stand doing. Ten years later I'm still there.

Just within the past couple of years, I found the little footpath that is my own.
I started when I was I've been on this path for 14years, going on 15 in October.
So in other words I was rather young when I started.
I was 13 when I became spiritual and almost 14 when I found wicca, which matched my spiritual beliefs. I exhausted my library's resources on world religions before a member of the staff showed me a book on wicca and witchcraft that they were getting rid of.
I saw a fey in the grass when i was 3. My Mom talked about the Scottish fey and the Irish fey always and told me i was a magical being. I have embraced being a witch always,even when i looked elsewhere for a time and returned fully. I have had and do have a magical and spiritual ,unique life.
Started questioning my Christian upbringing in my 30s. Started looking at other religious ideas (Buddhism, Gnostic) in my early/mid 40s. Discovered Wicca at 50. So now I'm a solitary eclectic witch with strong leanings toward Wicca. It fits me.
I was always drawn to anything the least bit magical, spiritual, or supernatural. It could be books, the "Jack tales" from my father or my grandaddy's ghost stories and my granny's potion and charms. I come from a, well, hillbilly background... the family tree does fork, but not a whole lot. I spent summers on the farms. Both sides come from the poorest county in Kentucky. One side for 7 generations, the other for only 4, LOL. They still celebrate the first of the family to settle in the area at his graveside. He was born in 1734 in New Hampshire and settled in the county in 1804. He died in 1838. I grew up with potions and charms. I did my first charm when I was 12, and was a "dabbler" at times ever since. I started Tarot in 1971 with my first deck, tried astral projection, and various other "magickal" endeavors since. I now have the time and inclination to do a "proper job" in my journey. By the way, my family comes from a fundamentalist Christian background, but the rules are different up in the hollers. LOL
Although I have always been interested in occult things, I did not start pursuing it seriously as my religion until about 3 years ago, at the ripe old age of 42. :)
I was 16 when I learned about psychic vampirism and chaos magick...from there it has been a life long pursuit of wisdom into the many sides of witchcraft
At the age 13. I decided that because "thou shall not suffer a witch to live," they must exist and I wanted to be one! Anyway, it's been a very "crooked path" for me. But I'm loving it. BTW, I was born in 1951, the year that the anti-witchcraft law was appealed (I know that's not totally true but it is the year most sources sight as the end of the legal restriction against witchcraft per se.) I was also born on August 15th, the date that Leland was born and he thought was auspicious. I've never been able to find out why, though I have suspected it was because that's the holy day in the catholic church that recognizes Mary's assumption into heaven (the church acknowledging the sacred feminine, at least in some limited sense.) When I was real young my mom always brought me to mass on my birthday and I thought that's why it was a holy day. Hey, it's all about ME! :>

I read about Native American spiritual practices as far back as I can remember. When I was about 13 I started studying it more in depth, as well as reading about other religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, etc). But it wasn't until I was 16 that I was introduced to Wicca and didnt start studying it until I was 18. I practiced that for about a year and from there my path evolved slowly but steadily to what it is today.
I was 12. So youngish.
I have always been interested in paganism but i was always to afraid to disappoint my parents but then i joined the army and i felt more free to express myself


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