It seems that some of us found our general direction at a younger age than others. We may not have known that we were walking a path, but some interest was expressing itself or a being was making itself known.

Were you youngish in age? Middle-ish? Oldish?

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Sweetie, you cant be much older than 15 now!!!! ;)
I was 18 when I started questioning my family's religion. I have read and studied the Holy Books of Monotheist religions, and noticed they had many contradictions. My Turkic ancestors used to be Shamans. Shaman Turks from Central Asia are similar to Shaman Native Americans in many ways, so it has been part of my studies. I eventually discovered that Paganizm was very similar to Shamanism, which has been so exciting to study. I am also into the believes of Ancient Sumerians. I am so happy to find my own path and keep exploring...
I was 17 when I started on my path. Altho, looking back on things, I can see I was destined to be on this path long before I actually started practicing. I was always able to see the Fey when I was young, I knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing. So, I am now 49 years old. So, I guess I have been at this quite awhile!
I started when I was 16 years old so I was rather young when I started learning about paths. This path has helped me grow a lot as a person.

I had always done magic. As a little girl I thought everyone did what I did. I never associated the craft with religion. At age 2 I was already banishing spirits, visiting dead relatives, and healing. These things came so naturally that I never thought about them.

I started investigating psychic phenomena and energy work at age 16, but being scientifically minded, I lost interest due to none of the material I could find dealt with the subject in a very logical or systematic manner.

However at age 18 I found some very interesting books on magic which dealt with it in a very logical scientific manner, and so I decided to follow their training system as an experiment.

I'm now 21, and in the last three years have encountered more than enough evidence to convince myself that the practice is worthwhile and beneficial. I've since expanded my area of interest to a more diverse set of magical systems.
I was 13 when I started on my path. i had always been raised catholic, but it was around this time that I broke away from religion and had an atheist phase. This was where it started. From there I found witchcraft and I have been there ever since. I am now 20, and still have a lot to learn, but I am happy and comfortable and thoroughly proud of my religion.
I started just a year or two ago, at the age of 18 or 19. I think I've always held some interest in it, and collected some knowledge from here and there, but I began purposely studying it recently. The first few months were slow and arduous, because I'm a gigantic skeptic. I'm learning slowly to let some of that go, and now I rely more on intuition than anything. I have a good friend who really helped me on my path. I probably wouldn't have realized my interest had she not basically presented it on a silver platter to me.
The more I look into it the more I realize its right for me and what I've been looking for. It's been wonderful.
Hmm, I've always believed there was something more to believe in than what I was taught as a child, I just didn't have a name for it until i was 14. As for my path, ever searching, ever learning.
my house was always magical even though my mom was a devout christian. we believed in fairies and had gifts-me and sis with visions and mom with clairvoyance and fertility charms. when I was 14 we went to our pastor with another woman who had visions to see if we could work together-he told us to keep it to ourselves. we kept going to church but mom bought us a very basic witchcraft book. we dabbled but the interest waned because it worked and that was kinda scary. after my mom died i started doing spell work and identified as christopagan(in the broom closet to most) which lasted until i was 20 when i left the church for good after encountering Brighid. so i guess it ebbed and flowed between 14 and 20 and has been firmly flowing now for 6 years.
I was 23 when I first became Kemetic. It'll be two years in November. I saw Aset in one of those real feeling dreams. I spent a year and a half questioning my spirituality before this dream and before that I was a Christian.
When I discovered my path, specifically, or when I discovered Paganism in general? I was young when I was introduced to Wicca (nineteen). I was given a Scott Cunningham book by my aunt. I didn't take it very seriously, though, and began studying more deeply around the age of twenty-two, after my son was born. I never stuck with Wicca and developed my own cottage/green witch path that has worked well for me.
I'de say youngish I suppose, between the ages of tweleve and thirteen...though I only red a few books on wicca and was never really inspired till I was about....oh i'de say sixteen.


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