We moved in to this apartment we're now living in about three years ago.We noticed paranormal things right off. Shadows, presences, smells , doors opening by themselves, even the ghost of a cat we called Franklin.Twice I felt some one get in bed with me but there was no one there.Now I did do a cleansing, especially in the kids rooms because some of the presences were negative. But the others (like the cat) were ok.

     Now I've noticed there's been several months with no one experiencing any thing, and I don't know why.Any ideas? I kinda miss them, especially FRANKLIN, he used to play with one of my cats we my cat was a kitten,lol

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When you did the cleansing did you stipulate that the friendly spirits could stay if they wanted to?

sure and they did for a long time.I'm not the only witch in the house, maybe my daughter did a cleansing and didn't stipulate, I'll have to ask her when she comes home.

   yes I did...

something weird just happened with the post....

In my custom house wights (spirits) must fed or they leave or at least make living conditions difficult.

what do you feed yours?

It depends.Sometimes it's food that we've made others it's milk with honey.If.

Pay attention to your dream communication sometimes happens there.

I have set up a tiny home on my hearth for them.

ok thanks

I just had to post this.... after making a big stink about the lack of paranormal activity in the house and quiing all family memebrs, my son woke me up this morning that ALL the lights in the apartment were flickering on and off and it wasn't even raining.I guess I go my answer.

Perhaps the good ones were there to help protect you from the bad ones, and once you did the cleansing, they felt that their work was done, but it seems like they just let you know they are okay!

"Any ideas?"

  1. There activity could be limited to something to do with a certain event/ date.
  2. They could've been trying to alert you to something that has finally happened and now the urgency is gone.
  3. Perhaps the source of energy that fed spirits activity dried up.
  4. They could've left for another plane of existence.
  5. They could've reincarnated.
  6. They may not be attached to the region or persons and simply roamed away.


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