I am sure these types of questions get asked all the time but I am in need of guidance...

I was raised without a religion growing up which was fine by me all throughout my young adult life but now that I am 31 and not so much engrossed in the shallow end of life I have this sudden yearning for something more. 

I have researched almost all religions in a very broad way and the only thing that really spoke to me was taoisim but I still don't feel that connection. I mostly believe in energy and that certain elements harbor certain energies. I also believe in a spiritual realm but not the kind filled with deities. I am not interested in Wicca for my own personal reasons but do believe that we can harness the power if energy to our benefit.

I suppose my question is what path if any do these beliefs lead me towards?

On a  side note I have a bit of an aversion to most British traditions. 

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Why not take up with one or more of the so-called, new-age, spiritual beliefs?  Some are from channelers such as Abraham Hicks, Seth, Elias, etc.  Some people get into astral projection as a way to direct knowledge.  Meditation is a great way to connect with your own self knowledge.  All kinds of choices.  Not everyone needs a religion (deities) anymore.  Do your own thing.  :)

And heavily based on British traditions, which OP doesn't seem interested in.

THE OP is asking a question.Not ALL new folks to Paganism understand or grasp the differences between Wicca and Witchcraft. The OP is saying "I am in need of guidance",and is not interested in most British traditions,that is indeed a choice. I'd suggest Sarah,go through the groups and see if there are any that may be of interest to you,lots of different tradions,practices,ways and paths. I'd recommend mayhaps getting a good encyclopedia on magick,myself I like the Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft. There are lots of good books to available online,. two of my favorites is The Witches Book of Wisdom,by Patricia Telescoe and a Witches Guide To Life,by Kayla Trobe. We all find our path in our own way. I see every book as a blueprint,a guide ,but not necessarily meant to be followed word for word,as we all interpret things as we use them in the magical realm The "harm one" is A Wiccan belief and not all Pagans or Witches follow it.Good fortune in you search. If you are interested in Taoism,I believe there are several groups here on and about the path. It may scare you a bit because you don't know enough about it,pherhaps. I always recommend to new folks too,look to your own roots. ENJOY!

Thanks for the advice Celtic :) so far in my studies I have found that Wicca doesn't suite me for various reasons but elemental magic seems very interesting to me along with some aspects of shamanism. I just feel so overwhelmed by all these different views and beliefs but I am narrowing down at least what doesn't work for me.
I guess I don't really want to base my belief system on a so called authority but more so my personal experiences. Taoism for me was intriguing because of the almost child like simplicity and ahah moments but it is so deeply rooted in Chinese culture that I will always feel like an outsider.

One possibility is to research all the various areas you are interested in, see what may work well together, then work on merging that into your own, personal path.  There is no "rule" that says you have to follow a prescribed path.  Many follow a path of their own making.

The biggest turn off for me in religion is blind faith. Just because someone says so doesnt fly with me.This is why I turned away from Buddhism and Wicca. 

Well you don't necessarily need a label for your religion just yet. You can also just think of yourself as a general eclectic Pagan if you'd like. You should look into magical styles that primarily focus on elements. A couple of books that I can think of are, "The Way of Four by Deborah Lipp, and Earth Air Fire Water by Scott Cunningham". 

personally i think you should pick and choose pieces of this or that and create your own spirituality/ever evolving religion.   though many folks will scoff at that, believing a person needs a long standing history of tradition to create a faith that is worthy of respect and your devotion.    i don't believe that, though i will say that when you are down and out, or with little energy to devote to your self made faith...the chance of it caring on 'with out your focus' is near impossible.  On the other hand if you are part of something bigger than you, a faith that is vested in hundreds ...thousands of years of devotion fed by many members...well then it will go one with out you, when you follow off...or when you need a break (some people find themselves in such a position lol).  If it is a long standing religion it has the stability to continue...which might sweep you back up and take you with it...(even going through the motions)... and that can be needed by some who find they would loose their way or focus with out some firm consistency.   

to each their own.  :D   I say explore and discover what will spark you...and help you maintain that inner joy and passion for spiritual things unseen. 

peace and blessings


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