Most of mine are hand-me-downs or thrift store finds. I am in desperate need of new shirts, and I'm on a tight budget.

Where do you get your clothes, and what is your general style?

Do you know of any online thrift stores or discount stores?

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I would love to see what you have. I'll need pics and sizes as well


I have 6 here that i have to keep clothes on at a regular basis ... so i do them all... hand me downs, consignment shops, thrift stores, goodwill(ask the workers when they get in their new shipments from the big stores.. ours here gets in monday night and they put out tuesday morn.. brand new from like belk, target and such) and boyyyyyyy do i work the sales! Learn to work the online sales.. just bought an Aeropostale coat for my daughter about 2 months ago for 8 bucks.. and free shipping.. and when ebates cuts my ck for this quater, ill get 3 from it back then too:)) One good way to try is work the season end clearance racks too.. walked out with jeans for the hubby for 6 bucks.. not bad for levi's... and ive ordered my son some rockport shoes from a shoe site(not sure about listing other sites here) and it cost me 10 per pair (sandles were less). And don't forget about the programs some stores offer.. my girls like going to a store here called Rue 21.. they get something called rue bucks and rack up big time!

Happy shoping!

Thrift stores, consignment shops, garage sales and other such places when I'm strapped for cash but still want to buy "new" clothes.

I wore a suit today at work that garnered much admiration from everyone.  I got plenty of compliments on it.  I got it from the Salvation Army for $15.  And of course, I hit the e-bay used stuff as well.

okay beat me with a consumer-us stick, but I do go to Walmart. I do the clearance rack. I am not big into buying clothing and shoes. I never think to go to Goodwill. There is a place called Bealls here in Florida and they have discount clothing.

omg i love beals when we went to orlando i got basically a whole new wardrobe for under 100. also in florida is a chain named citi trends and they carry a lot of more todays style clothing, and has a great selection of plus sizes. when we went there we found a bunch of big and tall shirts for my hubby at 2-3 dollars a piece. we came back from florida with a lot more than we went down with. also for shoes look for outlet places in strip malls. we got my hubby 6 pairs of shoes (size 18 and very hard to find anywhere) for only 90 dollars in all. all the shoes were nike and he still has most of them. 

My husband wears 18s!!!! Is Citi Trends where you got them? I can only find shoes at Ross right now (unless I want to pay a fortune online) and the ones I find there are brightly colored basketball shoes. 



To be on topic, lol, I shop at Macy's right now. Because I work there. Combining clearance rack finds with my employee discount has been great for my wardrobe. I also like the ARC thrift store.

CLEARANCE racks at DILLARDS is great too........70% off at the end of the seasons.I got some kick ass $180 BOGO boots for $50. SHOES>.....NIKE just made a pair for a gent with size 25 for $20,000

Tons of charity places and close closets as well as craigslist and or freecycle....

I rarely go to Walmart   mainly  the stuff they have never lasts. I like Target fmaily dollar can be cheap.

I go to alot of thrift shops and Sales. 

I get alot of clothes at our Scottish Festivals and in my travels.....I have a leather vendor I like,a Victoran store on EBAY I shop at that is inexpensive.I'm not a mall person. If I do,I shop at Forever 21 and Body Central,most dresses are $20 -$25. I wear alot of skirts,dresses,boots.velvet,lace,leather and yoga clothes. i also get stuff from ballet slippers too.What many folks wear to festivals,I DO wear to WAL MART

If I'm ever in civilization again and we're going somewhere nice I'll pick off the rack from Lord & Taylor.

I've bought the odd thing at Macy's too.

When we're in the center of the universe I'll pop round to Burberry on 57th., seem to have good luck with shoes there.

Out here in the wilderness we cobble together whatever.

Corvus has a sewing machine and she makes stuff out of fur and hide.

In summer I'll wear a simple buckskin loincloth if we're hanging out.

I sometimes go to the Catholic Outreach's Clothing Bank.  I can get decent second-hand things for free.  You might check your community services to see if there is a similar service in your area.

Honestly i shop at walmart. I can usually find a lot of stuff on clearance for 5 dollars or less an item. our area has a clothing giveaway at the old school building. you may find something like this in your area. ive been able to find clothes there with the shelf tags still on them. the clothes are all donations, sometimes from local stores to make room for new stuff. we also have resell stores that work on the same premise, except they profit off the donations. i can usually get 4 or 5 outfits for under 20 bucks this way. im talking shirts, pants underwear and even socks. secretly thats where a lot of my sons school clothes come from. wide selection, a lot of one ofs and cheap prices. 


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