Most of mine are hand-me-downs or thrift store finds. I am in desperate need of new shirts, and I'm on a tight budget.

Where do you get your clothes, and what is your general style?

Do you know of any online thrift stores or discount stores?

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Once in awhile Ill buy something really nice and new that I really want from a nice clothing store but..9 times out of 10 I am a thrift shopper..Goodwill..  A Shop here called ..A to Zen Thrift Store...Salvation Army that my Daughter and I call the S & A I also Do alot of Yard and Garage sales...I have 4 kids and myself to buy for so every penny counts..if I can stretch it thats exactly what I do~ Ive also checked the *For Free* on Craigs list....theres alot of nice things there that people would otherwise throw away...

Anonymous Enigma,

What size shirts do you wear? I was just about to take some tops to the Goodwill....they are in very good condition...some of them new with the tags still on them...(My mother is a shopoholic and passed some on to me) LOL!!! I would much rather send them to you..they are mostly dressy summer types...( a tad too small for me) she likes black so they have alot of black in them...send me a message if you want pics and I will be happy to ship them off to charge...just pay it forward some day.


I hope my message didn't sound like I was treating you like a charity case or anything! I certainly don't mean to offend.....I would just love to pass them on to someone that will appreciate them and a fellow sister of the moon! BLESSED BE!!

I shop at local thrift stores such as Goodwill and Value Village and I also find a lot of my clothes Yard Sales.


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