Which Gods and Goddesses do you work closely with?

How did you discover them? Why do you feel a connection to them? In what ways do you show your devotion to them? Do you find working with one is enough? Or, do you like a party at your altar? Do you closely connected to a Goddess, rather than a God, or the other way around? How does he or she relate to your faith/branch of Pagan practice?

I guess I'm just curious! Fire away all the info and mystical writing you can!!

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I work most with Hecate, though I do call on others when the need comes.
Hecate is a fascinating Goddess, isn't she? Why did you decide to work with her?
It's a long story for another time and place.
That's interesting. So, you call on different Gods/Goddesses from different origins for different services? I like that... it's all-encompassing! Don't leave anyone out of the fun, right!? :)
For which occasions do you seek the help of others?
Apollo and Artemis. Zeus....
oh my Goddess Diana for sure,as I know she saved my life when I asked for her help
I work more with animal spirits than with gods or goddesses but when I do it is usually Frey.
I have listened to Luna all my life, she just was simply always there. And still there is a strong bond.

Once I became a mother Kali called to me and this was a very fierce and strong calling as well. I include these in my everyday aspects of life, as well as meditate at my alter to each.

I feel I haven't chosen these connections as much as rather, I have respected and listened to messages.
God or Goddess, doesn't matter as it is all an essence with each having a unique aspect with which to guide..

(great question topic!!!)
Jupiter and Diana.
I work closely with Venus and Cupid.

I discovered them through mythology in high school while also exploring my paths in the world. I feel a connection between them because I feel i'm a lot like venus and cupid when it comes to love, especially since they are the gods and goddesses of love anyways.

i can work with a lot of gods and goddesses like hesta or juno. MAYBE even jupiter. I don't mind having parties at my alter although i prefer working alone.

I am more closely connected to a goddess than a god anyday.


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