for some reason i think that will happen to me or most in my family.  my great gram just passed away 3 weeks shy of her 102nd bithday.  and her mother passed away when i was 12 at the age of 101 2 months shy of her 102nd birthday.  i just found out that was the third generation in my family to die over 100.  so i say again who wants to live forever?  it would be different if friends and family were still around and if you had your wits about you...

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Probably, so long as it's a fulfilling (Eternal) Life.

According to the theory of Reincarnation (or some theories), we just keep coming back. Perhaps not forever.

Read up on Nanotech. In 20-40 years, Life extension goes wild.

I have longevity too,in my family......We played "I want to Live Forever" by Queen at Mom's passing. She was over 90. Da's 92 and we're taking him on a cruise to the Mexican riveiera soon. I'm pretty good with keeping on going......I believe I have been.....from one life to the next
HEALTH would be as must......
From a past-life or reincarnation perspective we might just do that, although I like the idea of getting a new body every once in awhile! And friends and family will always be there, too, in one form or another...
I meet the same folks tiome and time again.grande isnt it??
if the body did not age. I would love to! otherwise.. that is what it would be to truely being dammed i think.
I dont either FREYJA'S M.I enjoy life NOW and look forward to each day.I feel a new discussion coming on.....
Want to come do some respite care for my 92 year olde DA??
I not only want my wits about me when I'm old, I want them after my body dies. I'm more than this body and these senses.

The question for me is my memory. Will I have to pay yet another tithe (my memory of this life) to Hel (as the saying goes) to come back to this world, or any other for that matter.

I recall this....

"I worry lest Hugin should fall in flight,
Yet more I fear for Munin."

(My Wits and My Memory)
Hmm, if I could I would definitely have more courage and guts than I do now. I mean, being limited you wanna make the most of what you have but not compromise your precious future that you have planned.

Living forever I would accomplish so much


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