I'm sorry. I have nothing against Christians as a whole. But we as Pagans spend our lives dealing with this rhetoric I would not think we would have to deal with it in our own venue. I get preached at work, in stores, etc.. Why here?

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And yes I would never let my children sleep over at a christians house cause I dont want bad influences be put upon my children. There ya I said it

Holy shit. You won't let your kids sleep over at a Christian's house? That's harsh. My kids have Christian friends, and they sleep over and hang out all the time. My kids even go to church with their Christian friends. I expose them to different religions because spirituality is a personal choice, and I want my kids to make informed decisions, not unfairly prejudiced ones. Kids just want to have friends. They don't put the same conditions on their friendships that adults do. That just seems so unfair to the kids. It's so bigoted. It's just as bad as not letting them have friends of a different race. Just what the world needs, more bigotry. I don't care what your justification is, it's just as ugly when "our" side does it.

And this other shit you posted: But the problem is you get allot of Pagans who are christain fantasizing but not living the reality of True Paganism. You can tell who they are is when you critisize christain religion . Then you hear blah blah blah, your a meannie, wheres the tolerance, blah blah blah blah. I understand where your coming from.

What makes you the mouthpiece for "True Paganism"? Give me a definition, please.

I see you're another person who didn't read my profile before you put in a friend request to me. It plainly states that I don't like bigotry. It's too bad that your profile didn't plainly state that you are a bigot. I wouldn't have accepted your request.
AYE,I must agree with Ms. Flame,Chello.......lumping a whole group together and "This is the way they are" is ridiculous!! Like i said from the get go,assholes in all religions and paths,period.
Being cautious as a parent is one thing. Any parent worth their salt does that. But to wholesale dismiss a group of people just because of their religion is patently ridiculous. And yes, you have a perfect right to be as bigoted and narrow minded as you like. And since you posted it here, it was within my rights to tell you how appalling I find it.

No, I don't know you personally. We only know each other on PS by the words we post. And honey, yours speak volumes. I have never personally run across a Christian as bigoted as you are. My kids' friends parents don't even bat an eye when they come to my house, and the very first thing you see when you step on my porch is a pentagram on my front door. The foyer contains my large and prominent altar, and a bookshelf full of pagan books. These people don't judge me or my children for my spiritual path, because they are not just giving lip service to their spiritual path. They are living it. You might try doing the same.
In all honesty,I know some pretty shitty Pagan kids!! And then some brighter than the moon wee ones that are frrom pagan families..kids can and do make up their own mind in all things concerning friendships.. we do watch out for the as much as we can,but ultimately,they will decide for themselves. A label "PAGAN" is simply a label,not a guarantee they will be better thyan a wee Christian,at least in my experience
Can you not hang up a sign saying *No Soliciting* or something?

I hate those vinyl siding people.

Yes, I'm the fucking home-owner.
No, as you can see I have vinyl siding already!

Now piss off!

Did you ever get your Baphomet flag?

What's vinyl siding, SIN?
In all honesty,I know some pretty shitty Pagan kids Me too. I know some pretty shitty kids of all kinds, and they all have one thing in common. Narrow minded parents.
Yes, put your hands over your ears. Gods forbid any sense should seep in.
HOLY SHITLESS Blagh Blagh Blagh is all i hear from you

I wish I'd thought of this phrase *lol*
Believe it or not, I do understand where you are coming from. People's opinion of you will be harsh because of some of the things you said but your feelings and frustrations are justifiable to me. No matter what others called you, you were real. Isn't it nice to have a place where you can voice your opinions? I'm sure everyone on paganspace is grateful for that. I won’t call you names. I don't know you or the experiences that lead you to your conclusions of chrisitainity. I make fun of christians all the time. Why? Because I think they are crazy. So what? If I had kids, I'd be VERY cautious of who I allow in their lives because children are so impressionable and because I’M their momma. However, unlike a good number of patrons here I am an atheist. So some may not be able to relate when I say: “I wouldn’t want my kids staying at a christian family home more less go to church with them.” It's funny how people say I would let my kid but it’s usually not the other way around. Back in the day, if I went to my momma talking about I want to stay at so and so's house knowing they are a different religion than our household which was christian, she'd slapped me into next Tuesday. Please. But that’s just me. I’m not speaking for ALL atheists or ALL exchristians or ALL pagans. Just keeping it real. People can always delete me from their friend list. But I do want to understand you more. Let’s have a dialogue for understanding and work through this. I’ll send you a friend request. Peace.
Not ALL Christians I know believe my path is evil. ?? why would they? Some do ,of course,but the vast majority.......do you think so?
I think you should go for *THIS* job, Lass *lol*


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