I'm sorry. I have nothing against Christians as a whole. But we as Pagans spend our lives dealing with this rhetoric I would not think we would have to deal with it in our own venue. I get preached at work, in stores, etc.. Why here?

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Can't you just ignore them? Or make fun of them?
I agree. People are fun to play with.
I know, right? I mean, there are types here I definitely do not dig. I just ridicule them relentlessly until they either snap and violate TOS and get kicked out, or they quiet down and post their crap on their blogs instead of out in the open.
Another favorite tactic of mine is to derail discussions. Like the ones our good friend jonny F-off was posting. Believe it or not, i thought he was fun to have around. Sure, he was a racist jerk off, but he was fun to play with. Too bad he had to start in with the threats. What kind of moron actually threatens people on the net?
I dont think anyone took him, or his threats seriously though...

Eh, arguing online is like having sex with your sister. It might be fun for a while, but it always results in retarded.
How funny.........oh boy........love it!!! And you know this how?
LMFAO!!!!!! That just made my entire day. *wipes tears*
*Snicker* To right.
Duh, it's anonymous.
Me too!! Gone for the Grandfather Games....OH WELL.....Mayhaps he'll threaten again....or figure it out....


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