I'm sorry. I have nothing against Christians as a whole. But we as Pagans spend our lives dealing with this rhetoric I would not think we would have to deal with it in our own venue. I get preached at work, in stores, etc.. Why here?

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Who gives a shit if someone gets pissed and leaves.big deal......Slainte!
Define Non pure site??????
Oh man when you live in my neck of the woods which is Church capital of America and you are not a bible thumper a person is without. Makes me sick.
Personally, I have nothing against Christians. Some of my best friends are Christian.

That sounds like something Archy Bunker, in an alternate universe, would say! =)
Don't feel bad, i'm just teasing. Your message was just fine. Only a nitpicker like me would have pointed that out!
I thought the same thing, though. :) It was pretty funny.
The Christianity most of us have exposure to, that is the Catholic/Protestant, with a touch of Eastern Orthodoxy, does not represent all forms of Christianity. There are many other forms that seem a lot more pagan than Western Christianity (I used to call them followers of the White Christ). There are forms of Christianity that also have varying amounts of other religions added, such as in Ethiopia, and Vietnam, and it may be through this stream that Christianity opens up to witchcraft and such. Of course, I don't have much interest in witchcraft, or Christianity, so I probably shouldn't even comment.

AND please dont forget Celtic Catholic Ireland!!! Italy too,a fine mix,I saw first hand. I should have known better than there are no such things as Christian witches. Now,is there such a thing as a Born Again Christian Witch?
Christians with Gnostic views or beliefs..they practice the craft through their knowledge of the earth..which would be considered technically witchcraft by the Christian Doctrines...they also believe in magick.... i guess we could call them Eclectic Christians or Eclectic Witches...it can be taken from either view.. But just as we have the freedom to mold our belief to choices..so do they :)

An example of a Christian witch..would be one that believes in Christ.. but also believes in the Earth Mother...OR..they believe in Christ, and practices the rights of ancient paganism..they believe that Christ is an extension of their beliefs.
Not this Celtic Earth Witch no more......see? An olde witch can learn a new pattern for her broom ride........like I mentioned,just sitting back and getting entertained.......Have a fun day,my friend.off to Wal Mart.......
One of my best friends describes herself as a Catholic Witch. When I'd accompany her to mass (before she added the witch to her description), she'd ask me how 'pagan' mass was...awesome!
Oooh, that's an excellent idea! That would look great at the bottom of my back. Only I wasn't supposed to be getting any more tatoos...

That's a terrible idea - it would look awful, especially on the lower back area! *Trying to convince myself*


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