Ok so i have noticed that on some discussions that people tend to get a little rowdy and end trying to discredit others by insulting them (i am not innocent with this i let my emotions get the better of me).  Will someone please tell me why everyone feels the need to tear one anothers heads off in these discussions.  I mean you could get the same points across if you did it without insulting others.

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hey there is another beta fish in my bowl get out
Life of Brian is love!
So, does watching this make us all Jehovah's witnesses? 8-D
OK, I am answering prior to reading the other replies. This is in order to give you a first impression & honest answer.

First, I don't take it seriously when someone born after I was initiated as a witch pipes up with something they got from the latest book.

Second, I don't take it seriously when someone decides to change the subject from the topic stated by the owner/poster/initiator of the discussion.

Third, changing a subject from the one stated initially is a plea for attention. Such a plea gets immediately ignored by me.

Fourth, disagree with anything I say and I will learn from what you have to say. Tell me what you think I said was wrong and we are cool. Call me stupid because I don't see things your way, and we have a problem.

When someone attacks me personally, it reminds me of the old charge, "Personal attacks are the last resorts of those without facts in search of retorts"

Thank you for posting this. You asked the hard question and I respect that.

I know why people don't get along: because it is human nature to want to be right about things they want to be true. Make sense? I know this is true because I'm right, obviously.

Also, the internet doesn't really show the inflection of our words very well, which is important to communitate successfully....that, and some people are just assholes (pardon the language), and other people are extremely sensitive and get offended easily.
I know this, because I'm right. Lol

I think it's funny that this discussion is called "why can't we all get along?" and there's people flipping out on each other all throughout. Hehe
eh it was worth a try maybe i should make a discussion called bickerfest 2010
we are always competing for each others energy such as if you ever notice after an arguement you either feel more energized or more drained depending on whether or not you won or lost
MANY of us DO get along...........
I think the true test is if people can disagree about something and still be friends the next time they get on the board.

morning lass.
Morning!! Very true. i have had major disagrees with dear Pav ,Seachain,Margaret Lynn,Seraphyna and o adore then all! Wise,smart,and grande Pagan folk!! they are who they are!
I've had time with each of them! You and Sin included. Then we dust off and agree on something the next day.

WAIT!! Does that mean we're.....dare I say it.......GROWN UPS!!!

Gods save us!


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