From a religious perspective can someone explain this too me? Maybe it's about balance I don't know. But I'm talking about people who just take advantage of others and don't care about anyone but themselves. Plus serial killers, child molesters and rapists exist. Why do people who live off the government but make millions in un taxed drug money while other people work hard, pay taxes and strugle exist?

I know those are human/psychological problems but what about from a "gods will" type way why does this stuff exist in the first place? It's confusing to me and I don't want to do the does free will exist vs omniscience debate, but when I was thinking about this I did start wondering about that again because the way I see it they rule each other out-leaving different questions and answers for both concepts.

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Okay to put it simply, I once heard a story where "God" was asked this question, "Why is there so much pain in the world?" His reply...  "There is an up and a down, a left and a right, there is light and darkness, so there is happines and joy and pain and suffering. That's the way I set it up. If anyone has a better idea I wish they would put it in the suggestion box". To me that would be a God One who knows how to be humble....


That I can appreciate...


Good story , Robert , wolf of the winds...;)

Thank you Shawn, If I remember correctly the story itself was taken from the movie Oh God book 2. Upon hearing it, it really did strike me as profound and wonderful.



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