Why Do People Create A Group Only To Leave It Inactive?

I have been reading dozens of Groups that, by title, seem to be wondeful -

but when I read the last few posts, it has been weeks, and often months

since the 'creator' spoke on it.     
Am I wrong to think the 'creator' of the Group should be more active on a

space they create?      

What are your thoughts?



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Why do people join groups and then never post?


I created a group and tried to post/get things going, and I have around 40members..but no one ever posts. One person alone cannot keep it going, people need to participate also. I try to check it and I will reply when someone posts something...but then thats it. I mean I don't post on all the groups I go to ever.single.day..but some sort of effort should be made at some point in time lol.


Im seriously giving thought to just deleting mine. I doubt anyone other than my husband would notice.

I'm pretty sure everyone has times in their life when "life" gets in the way. This is an online portal, it's not a coven, or any sort of group that people have made oaths of responsibility to. People have children, families, work and other things. I've been away from this site many times when my eyes start to hurt from all of the eye-rolling I do at some of the posts. :)


In addition to what the others have said, I think it's important to realize that the group creators don't OWE US ANYTHING. Paganspace itself owes us nothing. If you like a dormant group, pick up the reins and make it active- no one is stopping you. You must be able to get in the group if you are reading the old threads. And if you can't, start one of your own, if you have the time to make it be what you are expecting an online group to be.



THANKS SAT_S......yup,WE rock!! I'm on the skycladders too,fine folk there also
CREATOR,members ,topics,conversations,the vibe of the group..........ALL makes up a succesful group. My group FEISTY WITCHES,is one of the largest,loudest and most active here ,almost 700 members,NEVER a day goes by without several,if not many responses.....Its all about the input of EVERYONE,not just the Creator......
Lass is quite right.   If you want discussion and debate, with loads of participation, and lots of input from the group creator, FEISTY WITCHES would be the one.
I agree as well Lass.  It is the same with my group of Herbal Healing. Damn I started with me only and the Starrfire! She helped me to set the group up, but, and I do state but, in less then a year I was a little over 900 members that I never advertised for and loving all they were getting with real help. 
I got sick and then everyone else has been doing the posting. I say thank you to my members and post when I can. My group has ran bye itself unless I am up to par and can Post any of my new threads I need too. Believe me I still have at least 200 more to post. This week I can't do it, but next week I will have many more to post. I am glad I have a great group and Lass, I will post this coming week again in the FEISTYS!!
Love sister and safe travels, Blessings,
FEISTY WITCHES is simply for the pleasure of each others company and a blast!! Its a social group!

Just started a group...


Gematria And Code


I just spent 15 + years , writing gematria code...


Dedicated ?


...LOL...yeah...want to learn ?


Join...I am not going anywhere , if I have those interested...


But be ready...I teach , and share , with feather and whip...


If you join , I shall stroke you with feather...


If you do not participate...beware my whip...:)...lol...



( ask my IRL students )

hummm.... a whip huh?

I'm THERE !!   JK



Dialogue , ( correct spelling ) , works as

a feedback loop...actually , feedback loop ,

creating feedback loop , in recursive interplay...


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