Why Do People Create A Group Only To Leave It Inactive?

I have been reading dozens of Groups that, by title, seem to be wondeful -

but when I read the last few posts, it has been weeks, and often months

since the 'creator' spoke on it.     
Am I wrong to think the 'creator' of the Group should be more active on a

space they create?      

What are your thoughts?



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Pagan Space is now over three years old (that is a bit aged for a site of this format) and people have come and gone from here or just left there comments dormant , or even just "lurk" and not respond as to not be involved in some of the "un-pleasantries" . If you do not delete all your "stuff" when you leave things like groups are just left to be . And even better if you did not appoint another moderator before your departure then the group just is until the site administrator decides to do something with or about said group .

To be fair: I try, but most members I
hardly hear from now, despite my at-
tempts to rouse up activity.


Some members remain active, but I fear
that my life is rather lonely,even online. :(

AH,POP into the FEISTY WITCHES!!! I appreciate your invites,just have more than enough on my platter......

I have a very large group called "Garden of Healing Herbs", but I have been ill and in and out of the hospital when I am not working. I have though many people who help me and the group has become very self working when I can't be there.


Blessings now going to bed,


HOPE your doing better!!  My FEISTYS too,I'm gone traveling for weeks sometimes and there are hundreds of pots......whether I'm on there or not

I've seen this problem at other sites as well-

I think the creator's of these groups loose a bit of enthusiasm after a while.  It's understandable when the creator is the only one dedicated enough to the group to ensure it stays alive.

What I mean is:

Best case scenario is that the group is like a community where the best groups with the best discussions contain other members who love the group as much as the groups creator- thus the groups creator can have the opportunity after a little while to put his feet up and watch the group take on a life and drive of it's own.

Yes you are right. I noticed that people who join groups do not contribute to the group

after joining.

This reminds me of a man I know who has a FaceBook. I call him a "Bonecollector"

because he loves to add random woman (many he hardly knows/co-workers) and at

first he acts like they are very close then seems to forget them as time goes by

-ok I'm rambeling-but I guess my main point is I wish I could find a few good CONSISTANT Groups with LIVELY N HONEST people--THANKS ALL  

Thanks For Listening!!

MY FEISTY WITCHES Group kicks ass....your welcome to join,we're loud,bold and fun......and HUGE

Thank You Very Much!!

I will c u there

Blessed Be

DO!!! Yipppee

Nice. I didn't think of that!

"...tricky to keep people interested"


Ditto...what Rob said!!!


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