If looked at with a clinical eye it's possible to view the entire experience of living as an exercise in suffering.


What is the value to this? What purpose could this possibly satisfy?



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Suffering reveals the true nature of human beauty and strength. The beauty of a mother holding a dying child in her arms as she lends her strength to her child. Only in suffering can we know the real value of happiness and love. If we had never known suffering, we would never know what real strength is.

Along the same lines...you can not truly appreciate happiness until you have known great sadness, you can't appreciate health without knowing sickness....and so forth. I like to think it has to do with balance.
If this holds true then the purpose of living would be balance?
Yes, I think so. If we had never experienced the bad, we would never know just how good the good really is. If all we ever knew was good all the time, then eventually things would get incredibly boring.
I agree Herne. I think suffering and strength go hand and hand. Its my opinion that without suffering we would not know to appreciate the good things.

Oh pleeeease bring on the boring! : )


I remember enjoying certain things immensely and appreciating them very much, then they were taken from me or destroyed and it only left me broken and unable to appreciate them in deed, because they were gone.

But until you lost them you probably were not aware of just how much value they held for you. You may find it boring, but them's the facts of life hon.

No , Herne , that is a fact of life for *you* ,

and others who hold this belief and mindframe...


Not all of us...


*sheesh*...people need to stop trying to fit all

of us into their mindbox...think outside the box...;)

There is no purpose, and no value, only the purpose and value we make of it, I suppose.

The same pattern applies to meaning of ones life etc.

I do not think all life is an exercise in suffering even though I have very little of what is conventionally known as pleasure. I enjoy things secretly, with an unmoved face, because it is a little like with private parts.

But the experience of being, it's so fleeting in this expanding universe. Why ever should we be made to suffer? Why not always be; warm enough, filled with food and drink, pleasured?
The mothers womb apparently can take only so much, Bunny.
Ah. What more can be said after this....if I were a god....?


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